Session Information

Answering The Call of Your Heart...

When you are ready to meet with KA'ryna in what she calls "Holding Council" you will be answering a calling from your heart.... to rise up and restore full awareness of the power residing in your being.


In Her Own words...

In order to fully serve your true destiny I've come to recognise that every client needs time to integrate and grow through the many dimensions of being.

I offer a comprehensive approach that truly serves on all levels of transformation.
I only take on clients that are willing to allow the process of thier transformation to occur in stages of awareness. It's organic, live and dynamic and individually attuned to the inner development of each phase of growth...


We go and grow together as a team until the process is complete. And even then, one may return after a period of time to develop through another stage of growth.

I've been asking my Self what it is that I essentially offer to clients? 

How can I convey who I am and what I give?


  • Listening, being fully present, hearing the voice of Each Heart speaking silently, and powerfully...even if they are mute to their own exquisite brilliance.


  • Just sitting in presence is enough to draw out what is needed in each moment of awakening...“I Am here to playfully explore realms of consciousness in a physical form to exemplify what cannot be spoken...The essence of Intangible Presence.


  • I Am here to emanate what can only be felt in the Heart....An unyielding Immanent Radiance that brings silent praise to each moment of awareness in awakening.


  • I am here to share the Grace of Love's Ever-Present wisdom by acknowledging the Gift of Who We Truly Are....
    To Awaken, Align, Activate and Ascend humanities Sovereign, Noble and Divine nature.


The moment prior to anything created, in any form, in any dimension there is the inception point of being.  When we tune into this moment we become aware of all moments….Therein realizing that which is present when all moments reside together harmonically in an Omni-Present field of being. 


This is the starting point where consciousness and divine awareness merge. Here is where we enter the heart of " All That IS".

Preparing For Your Session:
  • If you have questions pertaining to the highest and deepest levels of your being , please write them down and bring them with you

  • You are welcome to record or write down your session details.

  • Very often KA'ryna will give you special affirmations and meditations to follow in your progress.

After Your Session:​
  • It is advisable to keep your schedule light after your appointment with KA'ryna as you will need time to integrate and keep the process of filling up continuing!

How are the sessions held?

* in person   *over the phone    * zoom    * in a group 

Where are in-person sessions held?

In Ka'ryna's office (Greater Toronto Area)  while in Toronto Canada
In Boulder and Crestone Colorado while in Colorado 
In Manhattan while in New York City N.Y.

~ Directions to the exact locations are given upon appointment booking. 

How Long is a session?

1.5-4 hrs depending upon the requisite needs.


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KA'ryna's offerings are intended for your edification and elucidation. ​

Contact: 303 472 3506

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