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The Omega Portal Revealed 

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Dec 12th 2020 Online Ceremony

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In these exceptional and unprecedented times one of the biggest birthing portals of our generation and many generations to come… is about to open with pulsation after pulsation dilating the heart-space of those here to birth Unity in a whole new Key of Harmony.

A Unifying principle astonishingly simple, yet so obvious that we couldn’t miss it.

Something we have been preparing for eons of lifetimes and are ready to activate.

We are its cosmic team of spiritual midwives ushering in this babe of Divine Equanimity and Grace in our hearts.

KA’ryna’s Offerings…

The 12 Gifts of Divine Nature

Transcendent Transmission’s

Divine Messages

Sacred Soundings

With Special Guests:

Charlie Riverman Bergeron:

Offering Blessings,

Prayers and Messages of the Celestial Star-Waters.


Offering the Gifts of Gratitude and Manifestation.


Carmen Hearne:

Silently upholding a Healing Space

with Vibrational Energetic Exchanges of Light and Presence.


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The Omega Portal Revealed 
Dec 21 2020
6pm est

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The Omega Portal Revealed:
12:21, 2020 ~ Mon Dec 21st 2020

6pm- 🇺🇸 Eastern Time (US) EST

~  6pm~
(Virtual Temple Doors Open)
(Settling into the Heart, preparing for The Opening)
~7pm Onwards~
(Ceremonial Journeying Unfolds)


 Event Message: 

The Universe has been called the Cosmic Form of the Divine.

All the beings you see here are manifestations of the Cosmic Form.
This means that all are Inherently Divine.

Follow the Heart for as long as you live...
for it is this organ that retains the greatest sensitivity
to the harmonizing archetypal forces of All That IS,
it becomes our "listening place", for the sacred messages of

Eternal Love, Knowledge, and Understanding.


Join KA'ryna SH'ha

(with special Guest Guides) 
on a profound journey of:


The 7 Gates and Keys of Creation

The 12 Gateways of Living Light

Cosmic Birthing of The Celestial Water's Blessing
Ancient Pathways of Earth Ascending
Sacred Sonic Anointing’s
Heart Whispering & Soothing Meditations
Heart Harmonics & Healing Intentions
Transmissions of Illumined Grace

Time Zones:
🇺🇸 Central Time (US) CST UTC -Dec 21, 5pm
🇺🇸 Mountain Time (US) MST UTC -Dec 21, 4pm
Pacific Time (US) PST UTC- Dec 21, 3pm
🇧🇷 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -03 UTC- Dec 21, 8pm
🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom GMT Dec 21, 11pm
🕛 UTC UTC Dec 21, 11pm
🇩🇪 Berlin, Germany CET UTC Dec 22, 12:00
🇷🇺 Moscow, Russian Federation MSK UT Dec 22, 2am
🇦🇪 Dubai, United Arab Emirates UTC Dec 22, 3am
🇮🇳 Mumbai, India IST UTC    Dec 22, 4:30
🇸🇬 Singapore, Singapore  Dec 22, 7 am
🇨🇳 Beijing, China CST  Dec 22, 7 am
🇯🇵 Tokyo, Japan JST Dec 22, 8  am
🇦🇺 Sydney, Australia AEDT Dec 22, 10 am
🇳🇿 Auckland, New Zealand NZDT– Dec 22, 12pm