Divine Dispensations Sessions with KA'ryna SH'ha



Session Details
with KA'ryna SH'ha


Luminous Transmissions + Metamorphic Mentoring


The highest principals of causality and the deepest mysteries of reality unfold in our hearts…

In each power-filled experience KA’ryna SH’ha will share sacred knowledge and wisdom of how to prepare the vessel of our being to enter into the fullest expression of awakening, mastery, enlightenment and ascension.


What is a Divine Dispensation Session?
A Divine Dispensation is a series of ceremonial overlighting attunements.

Each involves the teaching, the embodiment, the metabolization and the upliftment

through transmissions and revelations of the sound and light-language codes of creation!



"Harmonic Immanence":

“Claiming our Universal Sovereignty”... 
The receiving and giving of the gifts- full actualization and harmonization

of the primary instrument or vehicle of creation.




"Heart Sutra’s":​
“Weaving Threads of All Beings”....Emanations Of Divine Grace.

Delivering the pure codes of emancipation and liberation,

from personal well- being to supernal majesty.


"Opening the Libraries of Liberation":
“The Golden Light of Grace”....
 Eliminating all programs of separation that keep us from realizing our true nature.


"Primary Promulgations":
“Holy Breath of Light”....
 Discourses with an ascended master teacher sitting in your own mastery.
Divine dialogues on our “Sovereign Birthright and Universal Nature”

Session FAQ's:


How is this presented?

Virtually: via Zoom (Recorded)  

In person at an appointed time and place

How long is a private session?:  

2.5 hrs.

What is the investment involved?

One-on-One Personal Session: 

$ 333 (USD.)
for each attunement  
* virtual sessions paid in advance.





12 Session Package: $ 3000 ( USD.)

+ all supporting material and ascension harmonic report


*NOTE:  It is highly advised that you do not book anything after

your session with KA’ryna as you will need time to integrate

and be still. Transmission cycles after your time with KA’ryna,

can last from a few hrs to many days depending on the protocols

involved. Be prepared to go through rapid consciousness shifts.

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KA'ryna's offerings are intended for your edification and elucidation. ​

Contact: 303 472 3506
email: info@karynashha.com

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