Inception Point Ascension Harmonics

Personal and Global Expressions

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Note: This process is only for advanced beings who are ready to begin the fullest embodiment of the ascended nature and enlightenment.  Before beginning any of the attunements there is an interview process to determine if you are ready.


Introductory Message:


Prior to anything forming in any dimension, space or time.
Prior to our etheric blueprint being created.
Prior to any thought, intent or conception….there is the seed of source.
That which is a decree and directive, issued forth from the source of All That Is.
This is the place where all things begin and where all fields of awareness and energy form. 



What you bring to this earth is a beautiful gift wrapped up in a mysterious force called Love. You may never know the full extent of the power and presence you bring to each person’s life you meet.
Something wondrous and marvelous is revealed that has long been held in the quiet recesses of your heart. In this moment if you take the time to breathe into these words perhaps something truly inspiring and illumined will light up your mind and open up unto your heart….


What that is I cannot say for sure? Only you will recognize it by the way you heart skips a beat and something rises up to meet the message calling to you in your soul.Will you give yourself permission to listen and be still, to quiet your mind so you can deepen your awareness of the profound gift and message you have brought to this earth?























Session Details:

Combined in each session are sacred geometry structures, sacred sounding, body mudra and movement, sacred syllables, visionary arts, language of light channeling, illuminated spoken word, sacred sound instruments and hands on harmonization.
In a series of ceremonial Overlighting Ceremonies and Divine Dispensation attunements each person is offered the gift of acknowledging and reaffirming their Power of Consecration through the Oversoul. The OverSoul consists of a body of wisdom and intelligence that hold the keys to our fullest embodiment in Ascension.


Each session with KA’ryna is organic, live and dynamic in the moment allowing for source / creation/ and divine presence to flow through…below are the steps to how sessions unfold in each moment of being.


NOTE: Each Gateway can often take several attunements until completed.

In Her Own Words:


Utilizing the deepest space of presence I ask to be shown the revelatory principal of a space, person, or location prior to anything built, created or birthed into this plane of existence.

In receiving this information one can reset ones consciousness to zero-point and therefore bring forth the completion of all Karmic codings.

Is it time to unveil, to shine forth and share your light and love as the presence of your being rises to meet the calling in this moment?



















Gateway 1 Atunement: 

Aligning the harmonics of Omnipresence to restore our deepest perception and connection to “The Love Of All That Is”.

This where we set the tone and intention for what is about to unfold and be transmitted through our heart.

We have the opportunity to ingest the food of Omnipresent Love, as Grace to give meaning, value and worth to our whole being. This includes information on all dimensions of consciousness pertaining to our current state of awareness.


* Receiving the luminous legacies of our operating system of life.






















Gateway 2 Atunement:


Ascending into a deeper atonement with Omniscience- “The Supreme Intelligence” through sound and light language frequencies to harmonize the individual with the whole of creation.  

Here we receive direct access to inner and outer divine presence as we receive and transmit ascended light. This is where we discover the Inception point or the point of Cause and Origin of awareness and dissonance that requires harmonization.


* Enabling one to rise up out of their current circumstances to see their true path of purpose, destiny and service!






















Gateway 3 Atunement:


Finally there is acknowledgement and completion of our individuated mission, vision and transmission of source which activates and aligns us with Omnipotence “The Divine Wisdom”.

Here are bathed and saturated in the Power of Omnipresence and Omniscience as we realize three things…

Knowledge of Our Power   The Courage to Dare….and The Faith To Be

This is our place of full liberation and freedom. This is the natural state of our true divine mastery.
This is who we truly are!


Accelerating the Ascension process in full divine union with “ALL THAT IS”.























How is this presented?

Virtually: via Zoom (Recorded)  

In person at an appointed time and place


Private Sessions Length:

2hr - 4hrs

What is the investment involved?

One-on-One Personal Session: 

$ 333 (USD.) for each attunement  
* virtual sessions paid in advance.

+“Inception Harmonic Report”  

24 page in-depth metaphysical analysis : $1,000 ( USD.)

half prior  to starting and half upon delivery.