October 13, 2018


Being In The ALL,
Immanence and Radiant Beauty in Harmonic Resonance with Grace above Grace, Peace within Peace and Life in Wholeness to the One

During inner stillness and solitude of renewal and loving presence I have come to the awareness of the innate wonder and simplicity in awe.
I marvel at the wondrous nature of being….
There is such an inherent calm honoring in accepting the peace of joy.
There is a benevolent cause always working in our highest good.
A benevolent cause beyond the little reasoning mind trying to figure it all out.

There is a mystery in the mysteries that can only be felt in the heart…
Something is being prepared for us prior to our arrival.

Our cooperation is asked.

We are given a myriad of choices that eventually lead to the same destin...

October 12, 2018

1) The First Miracle: “The Miracle of Love”…Being In Tune (Awareness)

- Freedom to choose what is good for our own life.
- How we see and perceive, feel and intuit what is true in our own hearts.
- How we choose is who we are.

Invocation: Love is Communion with a Divine Purpose to attune us and return us to the Whole.

I AM Affirmation: I Am Here I Am Loved, I AM Whole I Am Loving, I AM Home I Am Love.

2) The Second Miracle: “The Miracle of Wisdom” …Having Perspective (Discernment)

- Freedom of awareness of how each choice affects the next.
- Understanding how everything is interconnected.
- Understanding the experience of our choices as we see how things evolve into a story, by witnessing our own part of the story.
- We change the story with perspective.

Invocation: Wisdom c...

December 20, 2017

May each of you align with the inner principles of Divine Equanimity and Neutrality as the Gateway of all Gateways opens to reveal the central whirling hum of Galactic Center…where stars and star-beings are born and passed through.

An external super-galactic alignment, being reflective of the same internal processes that rapidly increase the velocity and power of expansion and elevation of humanities spiritual heart…As keys come to the inner revelations.

Sharing in the Gifts of GrandMother’s Heart…

So too do we speak now of GrandMother the Universal OverSoul, ("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being") is a collective of seamlessly attuned harmonic beings, essences and gifts joined together as a radiant voice weaving the Clear-Light of Grace.


November 10, 2017

Mastery: Center your heart as the light shines through. Unveil the riches of your being let the treasury of your Sovereign, Noble and Divine nature be known. The way will be made plain for all to see.

You are the Gardener of Dreams, the Wise Sage of Passageways, and the Wayshower of Unknown Mysteries.

You hold nothing dear for everything is free to arrange its own becoming. Arriving and leaving as you stand in solemn praise for the passing of all time through eternity.
You sit as a child in playful emptiness, smiling at the exhaustion one feels at every attempt to claim a thing as their own.

You are a fluid being;
you have lived and you have learned,
you have grown and you have matured,
nothing affects the equilibrium of your internal poise.

Sacred waters run throug...

October 24, 2017

As I sit here after weeks of deep diving and deeper despair undergoing another “Bright Dark Night of the Soul”, I realize there is some-thing that is “Calling” us through. Not a despair of heaviness and loss, but an inner cry from realization of the remembering. I chose this all. I chose to land and be here and to remain until something is complete.

The Calling beyond Proof….A knowing beyond this little assemblage of cells in a body, that impels and prompts me to extend inwardly and expand transcendentally.

Unto the true source of my Calling…I Declare this. (Inviting the collective too)
I willingly release the nameless doubt and fear that has tightly bound my true nature…remaining centered and aware that whatever is an artifice of my desires, a fabrication of my limi...