Omni-Tude Sessions
Ascending in Primordial Presence

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KA'ryna's Message to You....

​My heart reaches inward and touches the divine spark of "All That Is" in me...​​​
My spirit reaches outward to touch the divine spark of "All That Is" in you..

This is presence...a primordial, timeless and eternally unbounded essence that pervades, permeates and perfumes everything.​ This is my gift to you...this is the gift I witness in all....this is the very gift of who we truly are!


It is my honour and treasured wish that you uncover and discover what you have come here to be! The same primordial heartbeat that is pulsing through all is the same core presence of All That Is!

In our natural wholeness is the full recognition of our true nature as sovereign, divine and conscious beings unto ourselves!

A Benefit to You:
About The Primordial Presence Omnitude

​Join KA’ryna SH’ha as you embark upon a journey

to uncover what we all yearn to understand 

and seek unceasingly, “the gift of presence” the lasting

and living legacy of all sentient beings.​

Are you ready for a face to face meeting with the wondrous nature of your true divine self?

Are you willing to be in the presence of your most fundamental truth and melt completely into the arms of love?  

Will you sit with me as I sit with you and only know that there is nothing left to say or do?





"Feel the gentle warm wind of change upon your face.

Smell the fragrant essences of pure spirit engulf your senses.

Listen deeply to the sonic blessings weaving messages of the wise ones uplifting your life.

Witness the sacred golden codes of bliss and beauty hidden in every gesture of nature (your nature).

Taste the divine elixir of your inherent value and worth as you awaken to the light of own true wisdom.

Experience the love and power of the divine design hidden in each heart-breath at your core.

Intuit the simple and natural rhythms that led you to this place within.

Realize the grand design that has brought you to this moment of enquiry."

The For-Evers:

Have you ever wondered…
What is my real purpose?

Have you Ever thought…
How can I be myself in total authenticity?

Have you Ever asked …
How do I realize my fullest potential and power?

Have you Ever yearned to know…
How to be fully conscious, awake and aware?

Have you Ever been curious about …
What is the deeper meaning of the recurring patterns in my life?

Have you Ever sought the answer to…

Why fear affects me so deeply?

Have you Ever questioned yourself about…
How to love and be loved?

Have you Ever asked youself…
Why am I here?

The Quest:

We all come here to this earth with the promise of our deepest questions being answered,

of our truest nature being fulfilled and our grandest dreams becoming living realities.

We are told that if we put our mark upon something in this world then perhaps

we will be remembered and therein live forever. 

Yet secretly, many never fully feel like they have accomplished anything of note! 

Even after scaling the tallest mountain, erecting the biggest building, winning the top awards,

getting the best education, having a fabulous career, being in fulfilling relationships, raising a family,

living a life to the max, making millions upon millions of dollars,

and even after having the esteemed position of being valued and loved by others many still wonder…

The Question:

What is the real value and truth of life?

What is this undeniable feeling inside my heart,like a question that calls to me?

What am I missing in life?

Why after doing so much, do I still not feel whole?
Why do I still feel restless and empty even after I have acknowledged all that I am?

What more could there be?

What Am I willing to give up, to let go of, to offer my whole self to?

What am I willing to be?

The Answer:

All the details of life get taken care of when we are present with what is and offer ourselves completely to it….say yes to the presence that is within you and say yes to the life that appears before you!

You will be amazed to discover that what you believe to be real (about yourself) is probably not true

and what you don’t realize (about yourself) is most likely true!

All words and descriptions are inadequate to even to begin to describe, yet alone even equate the value of what is available when we step deeper into reality to enter the conscious field of “Primordial Presence”. 
 It’s so rich and vastly meaningful that it is meaningless to conceive of.


Throughout time immemorial from the ancient sages to modern quantum field theorists the quest

for self- realization and the workings of the universe has impelled us to ask….what is the meaning behind all life?

Pre-existent to all thought and preceding all formation of anything there is

something that is beyond what is….the hidden truth in all mysteries is presence.

We take it (Primordial Presence) for granted because it is available to us always and in every way!

It is so common that it is rare; it is so visible that it is invisible. Hidden in plain sight is the answer

to all of our questions and the very reason why we are here now.

The Process:

Individually or in a Group sitting in a circle in the company of awakening beings

allows us the opportunity to relax into and fully appreciate our inherent nature. 

Each session begins with centering directives for preparing the vessel of our being

From sacred soundings to spoken word
• From advanced wisdom teachings to sacred physical practices
• From live and archived music and visual media projections to consciousness attunements

.…each Omnitude session is a dynamic and unique feast for the heart.

Come to one Omnitude session in “Primordial Presence” and think you are done?….not on your life!!!
No two sessions or events are ever alike because with each new event
brings forward what is called for in the Moment!

That is the beauty of attending an event with KA’ryna SH’ha.

With 25 years of experience in masterfully facilitating individual, group sessions, and

gatherings world-wide she has consistently delivered lasting and permanent results.

In each session…We Ask:​


• Are you willing to meet the deepest and most hidden parts of yourself?

• Are willing to actualize the presence of your most profound nature?

• Are you willing to become transparent and open in all relationships?

• Are you willing to face the “enemy” and “obstacle”
of your evolution and understanding of eventual enlightenment?


• Are you willing to explore what is revealed

when you become fully present?

• Are you willing to discover what is available

when you attune your attention to the moment at hand?

• Are you willing to open the doorway of Love

to witness the mysteries of utmost beauty and grace?

• Are you willing to embrace your darkest fears

and transmute the shadow of your intelligence into awakened Grace?

• Are you willing to finally and completely acknowledge

and clear Karmic (cause and effect) patterns of suffering,

pain and contraction forever and return to a natural state of wholeness and innocence?

• Are you willing, ready and available to ascend into dimensions of pure precious presence in order to assist in raising the frequency and vibration of yourself, humanity and earth?

• Are you willing to be in council to serve as an embodiment of appreciative and deepened leadership to bring “Heaven on Earth”?

The Result:

• Immediate and conscious awareness of how to simply quiet the mind and open the heart

• Serenity and  peaceful relaxation into divine awareness

• Answering of the deepest questions of being in the soul

• Pronounced effects of heightened  and expanded perception

• The accessing of divine visions and messages of our purpose

• Opening into non-local states and dimensions of consciousness

Timelessness, emptiness and fullness simultaneously

Feelings of blissfulness, love and appreciation.

•Enlightened states of Consciousness, higher dimensional realities and upliftment into Ascension.

• Being present and fully available

Session FAQ's:


How is this presented?

Virtually: via Zoom (Recorded)  

In person at an appointed time and place


Private Sessions Length:

2hr - 3hrs

What is the investment involved?

One-on-One Personal Session: 

$333 (USD.)
for each attunement  
* virtual sessions paid in advance.

NOTE: It is recommended that a series

of 12 sessions is booked to complete this process.
paid in advance

12 Session Package: $ 3000 ( USD.)

+ all supporting material and ascension harmonic report


*NOTE:  It is highly advised that you do not book anything after

your session with KA’ryna as you will need time to integrate

and be still. Transmission cycles after your time with KA’ryna,

can last from a few hrs to many days depending on the protocols

involved. Be prepared to go through rapid consciousness shifts.