20) GrandMother Speaks…. “The Invitation of Life, Showing Up”

March 3, 2017

GrandMother Speaks…. “The Invitation of Life, Showing Up”

“Grace Supersedes all Karma and the Light Restores All.”
“All Wisdom Lies at the Doorway of Love and Willingness be the Key to Unlocking its Mysteries.”

The infinite spirit in all living presence, in all sentient life invites us…
inward to an ever increasing expanse of Being of harmonies enfolded in the deepest gifts of Grace
upward to awaken, align activate and ascend into the Vapor of the Living Presence of Eternal Life
onward through a vast streaming river of light beholding the gifts of all Co-Creation in Fractal Infinities of Love and outward to a vision revealing itself in our Life as a miracle of magnitudes alit from within.

With this it says, “Meet me half way on the eternal bridge of Love and we will cross it together…all that you have to do is Show Up.”


Showing up is half the process the other half is getting out of your own way to allow it!

Showing up is allowing ourselves to be unveiled and revealed within the all-pervading infinite living presence of Love.

Showing up is opening up and admitting Divine Passion to move through our hearts as we elevate our entirety into the Master Of All Living Presence.


Divine Passion … (condensed version)
* Is loving all