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(23) GrandMother Speaks… “Rise up dear Human Soul and Love.”

We have battled long enough. Rise up dear human soul. The war we face in this world is the war within. This war is of ignorance and separation. It is not real but it feels real because we are told it is. The only war we face is the external pressure to forget the truth of our own inner nature lit with the substance and vision of Love. We are simply battling the phantoms of our unresolved issues with the power and presence of our utmost nature. Trying to hold on and control externals is where it all begins.

To command the forces of your being…let go. It all began when we landed here and opened our eyes into the matrix of perception. When we finally left the comforting womb of the divine and birthed our human identity. If we but close our eyes and open our heart…breathe deeply and listen. Something will come to us. Something awaits our return. The womb of the divine will call us home. We will remember our spiritual identity in oneness.

Let the weariness dissolve.

Let the heaviness melt.

Let the emptiness resolve.

Let the heart of your heart cry the un-cried tears of separation and loneliness.

You don’t have to hold on any longer, the invitation has been sent.

You are seen and heard.

We recognize you, for your innocence is here.

It's always been here and now. You are the heir apparent to a vast fortune of the treasury of Love…immaculate Grace is thy name.

You are the holy one aligned in all holiness.

Rise up dear human and complete the cycles of war once and for all…end the battles of unease and discomfort with your inherent infinite power and presence.

Invite the enemy of your dissent to the table of forbearance…and prepare a feast for its return. Welcome in the fragmentary formations of the voice of remembrance. The sense of times lost and moment’s unfulfilled, unmet, unheard and unseen… the child of lost souls is at the garden gate carrying messages for each heart held in its highest form…whispering gently “war is ignorance of the true nature and vision of Love.”

We all yearn to be held and seen. We all yearn to be whole. We all want the same things underneath all of the struggles….there is the same calling for Peace. Peace is not the cessation of war; the end of battles, it is the fullest embrace of Love. It is the acknowledgment and acceptance of the Gift of who we truly are. This Gift is Love…the giving of is Grace.

There is only Love…Love is the evidence of Light descending into each form of its making. Love is the generosity of Spirit to Give of itself Whole-heartedly…the Spirit inherent in all things lasting and true. Love is the Presence in all Essence motivating the Spirit of the resonant heart to Live in the Light of Freedom…freedom from all conditions and perceptions of limitation. Love is the emancipation and elevation of all beings, to live in immaculate Harmony…Harmony in all dimensions of thought. Love is the power of consecration to edify and purify our sense of separation and return us home to heart-filled resonance…Resonance brings forth the echoing cry of the longing heart for true fulfillment and peace. In the power of consecration we exert the essence of Love. We bring for the vision of Love to make everything sacred and holy again as it truly was and is. This is what is behind all wars, the desire for Love to return us to the whole and holy within.

You say how can this be? …. We do not want to be separate…. We want to be unified and one within. How could Love create wars?

Out of ignorance and desire for a unified awareness of the whole of humanity, we battle with each other for whose vision is true, for whose vision is real, for whose ideal is perfect. This dogma of ideals begins the desire to control and compete for the perfect vision of our wholly united essence. We want to return, but we want it our way. We want to be whole but we don’t want to give up our sense of self-separateness. We battle with the forces of Love for control of the vision of our return.

We aren’t fighting with our selves….we are fighting with the vision of Love. Love seeks only to Love and in the end its vision of our unified being always wins.

Not by winning, but by always remaining true as the eternal source that it is. So we say again dear human soul, “Rise up and return to the source as Love.” Stop fighting with the vision of Love. Through the lens of separation Love will be a battle of winners and losers. All the mighty forces of materiality pale in the Light of the riches of spirit and the heart of the wholly whole. In all of your triumphs and defeats Love is what you are seeking, fulfillment not success…Love is what you ask for, and Love is what you die for. Yet love is eternal and can never die.

Your separateness yearns for its home. Yet it wants to be its own maker. It wants to control the vision of its return…it needs to know Love will be there to let it shine once again. We say this to you dear human… “Welcome in this lonely lost soul to the table of forgiveness, for its regrets, are the phantom myths of all human wars. The amnesia of its fragmented memories, are searching and seeking connection to its true home.”

We must be gentle with this one…its trauma has run deep and its loss are many. Yet it looks for comfort from the cold stark reality of facts through fiction. It wants its emptiness filled. It aches for solace. It seeks to no end what it cannot find in the prison of illusion. All manner of disease addiction arises in the comfort it seeks… for the storms are always brewing inside. Once again we say dear human soul, “Rise Up and let Love return you home.” With all that you acquire and all that you gain if you have not Loved and been Loved what are you? You can live in your mansions and palaces hiding behind gated walls, but Love does not have boundaries and penetrates even the hardest surface of separation. You can build internal defences of resistance, fed by fear, but Love will always be present. It will come into your dreams and bring the disturbing turbulence of truth to your heart. Unconvinced of the Vision of Love, you hide in the refuge of your ignorance and loss descending further into the bitterness of greed…Where will it lead? What of the fleeting validation in the moment? In the end, all of this material success will eventually fall away and dissolve…for Love is the ultimate weapon of Truth. The wars you wage are with the vision Love has for all of humanity….it allows for everyone to equally share in the wealth of its wisdom. The heart is the instrument that plays its song. The mind is illuminated by the vision of Light that brings forth the Message of its Eternal Presence. Rise up dear Human Soul and Love…Love everything and everyone as your own, as you are. Carry no distinctions of Truth nor conditions of Love…just Love even if it pains you to. There is something in this mortal human that is an immortal being… awaiting the moment of its consecration and liberation of Love in you. Rise up dear Human Soul and Love. We are…KA’ryna SH’ha and GrandMother AH'LU'Sha'Mah "she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being"

©-2017 KA’ryna SH’ha

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