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The Invitation

Special Holy-Day's Offer: 

The Invitation of Life...
“Open Your Heart to Love”

Valued at $444

 Now: $144

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The Promise

Special Holy-Day's Offer:

The Promise Of Love...
“Trust the Moment, Breathe in Presence”


Valued at $444

 Now: $144

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The Gift

Special Holy-Day's Offer: 

The Gift Grace...
"Listen and Receive Light"

Valued at $444

 Now: $144


Heart Harmonics Sessions



*Live connection call on Zoom,
*Play-back recording and video
* Handouts and documents

 Sound & Light-Language Mantra.
One of KA'ryna's 39 Golden Light Sacred Geometry Art -Card Glyphs


Join Master Teacher KA'ryna Sh'ha in a profound
Heart Attunement to align your Divine Circuitry

*Profoundly moving messages
* Tonal light-encoded sacred songs
*A nurturing of the deepest heart-space of the Universal Oversoul…
* The realization and actualization of your Sovereign, Noble and Divine Nature.


In this one-on-one Heart-Harmonization experience KA’ryna SH’ha,
and her ascended source-self "Grandmother AH'LU'Sha'Mah" 
will offer

Primordial Presence through Emanations of Grace.
Emanating is as a way of conveying divine information "to flow" or "to pour forth ".

KA’ryna through GrandMother, acts as a conduit and catalyst to trigger shift’s in awareness.



While in her presence one is offered the opportunity to receive:


+multiple strands of pure consciousness


+multiple bandwidths of spiritual insights and awareness


+untold frequencies of pure spiritual illumination


+divine wisdom which is transmitted directly into the core of ones being

Imagine being gently and expertly guided through a
Meta-Morphic Sound Activation with KA’ryna's beautifully enchanting vocals,
sacred musical layering and spiritual invocations...
As you travel through the Sacred Gateways of Creation to enter into your High Holy Heart

In this Meditative and Transformative session you will experience:
* Holographic Sound Currents
* Sacred Geometry Keys and Codes
* Solfeggio Healing Tones
* I Am Invocations
* And Light Language Heart-Coherence Activation's



The Result: If You so Choose…

* Immediate and conscious awareness of

how to simply quiet the mind and open the heart

* Serenity and peaceful relaxation into divine awareness

* Answering of the deepest questions of being in the soul

* Pronounced effects of heightened  and expanded perception

* The accessing of divine visions and messages of our purpose

* Opening into non-local states and dimensions of consciousness

* Timelessness, emptiness and fullness simultaneously

* Feelings of blissfulness, love and appreciation

* Experiences of enlightened states of Consciousness
* Higher dimensional realities and upliftment into Ascended states of being.

* Being present and fully available for succeeding in the moment