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Sun, Oct 22


"The Unfoldment’s"

Grandmother Speaks, Wisdom of the Heart Series: Online Circle "The Unfoldment’s"

* Online Ceremonial Circle, Dedicated to Opening A Collective Heart Conduit. * Rise Up and Glorify This World With Your Greatness! * Global Heart Attunement Activations * Igniting & Revererating our Sovereign, Noble, & Divine Presence into the World. * Replay+Sonics+Harmonics+Transmissions+Healing

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Grandmother Speaks, Wisdom of the Heart Series: Online Circle "The Unfoldment’s"
Grandmother Speaks, Wisdom of the Heart Series: Online Circle "The Unfoldment’s"

Time & Location

Oct 22, 2023, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT

"The Unfoldment’s"

About the event

Join with KA'ryna SH'ha and Special Guests, in a Global Family of Wisdom Way-Showers to Convene in Sacred Circle and Council as the Divine Mysteries of the Heart Unfold...

Our Message To You:

"Everything unfolds in its right time at the appointed hour of it's fulfillment. Within each breath, flowing through all beings, there is a calling….

A longing to return to wholeness and the fulfillment of our Spiritual Purpose."

* We prepare ourselves to receive our sacred teachings through the unfoldment of the heart.

* We awaken and actualise what lays hidden in the contours of our own heart-language, the very heart-beat of Devotional Love.

* To discover the most precious gift of all...

The Vision:

In a Moment of Convergence,

The Conduit opens,

A Golden Opportunity arrives…

Infinity and Eternity join together in our hearts,

As something beautiful rises from the depths.

A pure crystalline stream of truth unfolds through our heart…

for the first time we see who we truly are, and everything appears as it is meant to be.

A New World…A New Light… A New Life Stands Revealed.

The Mission:

To gather Teachers, Leaders, and Cultivators of Divine Consciousness from around the world ... and Open a Collective Heart Conduit that Encircles our Beloved Earth in an Unfoldment of Grace.


* Wisdom-Keepers & Mystics of Ascended Presence

* Key-Holders of the Portals and Gateways

* Oracles of Living Light Encircle with us at this pivotal moment.

The Intention of this Series of Gatherings:

*  We enter into Communion within our Hearts,  joining together to open a Collective Heart Conduit.

*  Weaving the Filaments of our Sacred D.N.A in Radiant Grace... We enter into Sacred Council to 

Reverberate our Sovereign, Noble, and Divine Presence into the world.

*  Together We Ignite the Heart-Flame of Love and remember the unified field of all possibilities.

*  Simultaneously we activate the stored, codons and electrons stimulating a cellular frequency shift!

* The collective amnesia of loss, separation, fear and competition is released and returned to it's source of emanation.

* The receptors of sacred communion and community open...Unfolding a "Cosmic Consciousness" wake up call to action.

What Will Be Offered and Shared:

"An Invitation" To Love Beyond All Understanding: As We Explore Omnipresence, and Honor Our Sovereign Being...

Continuously and simultaneously present throughout the whole of creation... there is a tone that radiates the highest frequency with the Cosmic Tone sent through Great Central Sun. This is a Path intended ultimately for all, but relatively few will hear the highest Cosmic Tone.  We are invited to the Altar of the heart and into the mysteries of cosmic formation.  Our Sacred Gnosis is cultivated and birthed in our reunion and union with ALL THAT IS.

> Here we will experience the opportunity to:

Attune, listen, and deepen into our Immaculate Heart Presence and feel the Radiant Calling of the Cosmic Tone.

"A Promise" To Remember Who We Truly Are: As We Discover Omniscience, and Come to Realize our Noble Nature...

Infinite knowledge of every-thing, as we expand and immerse ourselves in the " Word /Logos or Heart-Mind of the Divine.  A credo-code birthed through the grand mediator of the heart.  “As Above, So Below”…. to understand our reception and relationship with the Cosmic tone, as the “Word becomes the flesh”.   To uphold the highest frequencies of the "Clear Light that Casts no shadow", where we enter inward to the domain of the mysteries of the "Supreme Intelligence".

> Here we will experience the opportunity to:

Broaden, Expand, and Uplift our awareness and consciousness, as we respond to the Radiant Calling of the Cosmic Tone.

"The Gift" to Live in  a state of Pure Grace: As We Embrace Omnipotence, in Harmony With All That Is...

The heart is alit from within by the Golden Light of Grace. Each heart responding to the inner call of their own God Presence will resound the tone and become a radiant beacon for all to ascend and arise in full splendor.

> Here we will experience the opportunity to:

Align and Activate our infinite and eternal Power and Presence, as we become one with Radiant Calling of the Cosmic Tone

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