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13 Cosmic Indicators and Signs of Awakening and Ascension

How do we really know that we are on the right path?
How do we really know we are accessing all of our potential?
What are the signs and signals that our heart of hearts is being utilized to its utmost?
Below are 13 indicators that signal the “possibility and potentiality” of living our deepest path and actualizing our greatest potential. 
Gleaned from inner contemplation and guidance from higher sources they have been distilled down to their core essence.
Although they are numbered in sequence, this does not indicate the order of appearance in our life. They may show-up singularly, in groups or all at once. 
With each step along the way we discover archetypes of inner truths that lead to our ultimate reality. Of which no one can determine what is true but the one inside of you.


We honor our inner truth and act upon it unceasingly…
The Being Appears.


All of our having’s and doing’s transform into beingness. Until we truly apply what we know we will never fully appreciate our own value and worth. We will never fully understand the gift of our being. It takes the honing of our natural raw talent into profound and skillful mindfulness to accept and awaken the gift!
We must work with what we have been given and use it for its ultimate creation….presence.
How do we utilize it wisely?
It takes us to understand that we are not alone… when our will is twinned with the greater will of the divine we can accomplish anything.
How?...the  commitment and courage to take the step of creating a binding and lasting contract to honor our true value and worth.
And then stick to it no matter what! A commitment is a commitment to us and our community. This agreement aids in the service of reaching deep within and letting the universe guide us into our abiding principals.”


Our obstacles are opportunities for awakening into our greater truth and blocks are merely locks with keys to deeper awareness and growth…
The Messenger appears:


There is always a reason for everything that happens in our life and as the wise elders say we are here for, “Spiritual Growth, Learning the lessons of awareness and the Experience of awakening into full consciousness actualised to its utmost potential!”
When we look deeper into any situation in our life, beyond the appearances, there is always a message waiting to be heard a lesson to be learned and an opening into divine awareness.
When we realize that our upsets are set-ups then life becomes an act of simple awareness in Grace.


We live in the present moment in presence….
The Witness Appears.


We cease to worry about the future and never look back in pain or regret. We look upon all experience as growth.
We see the ways in which this growth aids in our service and vocation for actualizing our purpose here. We realize that the path to presence begins with being in a present moment.
We flesh into reality our full essence by being present to each moment in presence.
To witness “what is” within this vehicle of self and to feel the interconnectedness of all essential elemental being is to be in presence…neither whole nor separate, neither self nor the All but in-between.


We laugh, play and live in joy!...
The Sage appears:


Humor is a sign that we have grown-up and become wise to the inherent child-like innocence at the core of all being.
Not childish ignorance and foolish impulsiveness but a real deep bliss-filled understanding that nothing is meant to be too serious that it gets in the way of our joy and happiness.
We exemplify an eternally young attitude because we are wise and appreciative of the gift of life and the opportunity to serve in each moment.
We have set our heart and mind free of all constraints by understanding the truth at our core…energy and consciousness operate within laws of quantum probabilities beyond physical reality so why get caught up in issues and concerns?
In our simple ease we embody a deep and abiding perennial presence that is ageless and timeless.
Enlightenment begins with lightening up!


We love and accept ourselves unconditionally as we are…
The Lover Appears:


In each moment of conscious awareness Love is the abiding essence that grounds our truth and supports and nurtures our awakening. 
Finally love is understood as the guiding principal upon which all things are created and all things come into their natural resonance and wholeness.
  • Love has the power to destroy all of our illusions!
  • Love has the power to lift us up into our true self.
  • Love has the power to restore our lost and separated nature.
  • Love is the power that heals our separated soul!
  • Love restores all, heals all, and uplifts
  • Love is a food that provides the understanding of our essential nature.  


We acknowledge and accept the gift of who we truly are…
The Soul Appears:


An attitude of gratitude brings a plenitude of presence and uplifts us into a higher altitude. When we walk the path of our life filled with the gift of what each moment offers to us we begin to understand what grace is.
Life is meant to be honoured and appreciated as we are meant to honour ourselves and each other. It is the highest gift we can give when we witness another with grace.
Life's moments are too precious to not see the value and worth in it all! Imagine how much more fulfilling life would be if we just reminded ourselves to see things from a higher perspective and feel things from a deeper awareness?
In those moments when you want to react remember this...
"To this that I see before me: "I bless, for it is a gift brought to my awareness to remind of the power of my heart to realize the true core and essential of all things." 
"To this that I feel within me: "I bless, for it is the gift I carry with me throughout my entire life to remind of the power of my presence and true essential nature."
Try this white Tara and green Tara mantra:
"I honor every-thing I see...and dissolve it into the sea."
or "I honor all that I am and dissolve it into the great I AM.
Ultimately our attitude about life determines our altitude in life! We see the light of the divine in another and in turn recognise that gift in ourselves.


We recognise we are beings of light to reflect the light of inner spiritual sentience…
The Higher Self Appears.


When we understand that we are made in the name and nature of an all-encompassing divine reality we begin to see the bigger picture of our life.
Every action, every thought and every deed becomes filled with the light of inspiration and illumination.
We access and activate our fundamental nature in service to the light.
When we come to the realization that out life has meaning and purpose and is serving a broader whole then we begin to live the legacy of our inner spiritual light.


We recognize we are all channels and instruments of divine power … 
The Awakener Appears.


When we allow the vision of our life and being to be governed by divine awareness we access a power of untold wealth and well-being.
Our higher and deeper principals awaken as we accept the truth at our core.
We discover the reason and purpose for our being beyond our little wills and self-concerned preferences.


When we open ourselves up to the infinite possibilities, potentialities and miracles of being waiting in store, the universe responds by bringing to us the right people places and circumstances that bring our life into its highest and deepest outcome.


We operate our life with the full recognition that all of our power comes from within and is meant to be directed from a source of pure potentiality …
The Divine One Appears:
Once again, let us realise and realign to the statement ….  Get this? 
A promise was gifted to us long ago and will always be kept.
And here it is…. within us is a place of pure potentiality a space that is sacred, intact, incorruptible and whole…holy!  
The way to find it is to realize it.
By acknowledging and admitting that we are divine, we are sovereign, and we are noble beings capable of acts of divine grace and wisdom beyond belief.
All of our power is coming through us and we are here to return our inherent nature with the realization that we are capable of directing this divine power with wisdom and grace.
Until we acknowledge this one truth and align ourselves completely with it we will remain in the dark of how to truly live divine life.


We begin to experience a more balanced and harmonious life … Living in neutrality amid all polarity transforms duality into oneness… 
The Healer-Teacher Appears:


Here is the key to all keys!  
“If the doors of perception were cleansed every -thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.” William Blake.
Choosing to live within each moment filled with unconditional openness and equanimous awareness transforms our normal reality into super-conscious awakening.
We come into the full recognition of “ What IS”. We see that even amid the clashing of personal realities and dogmas there is a neutral cord that raises us up into a higher frequency of understanding.
Take nothing personally, but be aware of the mirror presented and learn to see the reflection of perception as it is presented. It shows us accurately where we are at and what we are choosing to vibrate.
There is no escaping this veracity that all things, all matter and all of our life is cultivated and created from within… we are the ones in charge of the view, it is through our eyes that we are perceiving and reviewing this world. And from it we construct our reality. It is more important how we see than what we see!
The motto goes like this……  "As above, so below and amid the two there is the middle path”, which leads to our ultimate freedom and enlightenment.” 


As we awaken we realize, as we acknowledge we recognise and as we align we activate the ascension of our being into oneness.


We cultivate practices that liberate ourselves and show us " That the way home is the way within”…

The Leader Appears:
"I AM A Soveriegn, Noble and Divine Being"


To return to the home of our essential nature, to our holy and unbounded state and establish wholeness. 
It’s time to acknowledge our inherent nature by cultivating practices that enable us to go within and be at one within ourselves.
Life is meant to be sacred and as such it is understood that all experience derives from within.  As we reflect upon the inner core of being we free ourselves from the constraints and constrictions of living in a local vehicle.
We begin to see the dimensional nature of true being while dwelling in the greater non-locality of divine Consciousness. Introspection, meditation and all forms of contemplation yield the inner realities to live from our innermost core.


We come to a reckoning and recognition of our true existence through stillness and silence… 
The Master appears:
"I Will To Will Thy Will...Thy Will Be Done On Earth As It is Heaven....As Above So Below"


Listening is the key to awakening all awareness.
To fully hear the voice of our divine nature we need to still our mind and quiet our heart.
We need to slow down in order to speed up. 
In other words, slow down the external processes of reasoning and logical perception in favour of the quiet stillness of deep contemplation.
Within this field of all awareness one can open the inner heart and raise the frequency and rate vibration to speed up the evolution of our consciousness. Thus being at one with the authentic nature of being.
The ultimate aim and goal of all existence is to realize that there is no ultimate goal and aim…because the mysterious nature of our reality can never be contained or defined by one goal it can only be lived. The secret though is Presence!


We liberate the vehicle and become the One we have been waiting for… 
The One in The Many and the Many within the One appears: 
It is here where we begin again as our true being emerges into the One.
We become the self-rolling wheel of eternity.
Service as such is found in every breath.
No effort is needed we simply are.
In our presence all matter is returned to its original function.
We breathe new life with each breathe. We have been where we are and seen the horizon and moved beyond it…by being fully present within it.
This state of being is beyond description and definition.There is only breath and life that arrives, arises and descends in waves of cosmic wisdom.
Grace Supersedes All Karma...and The Light Restores All!
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