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Services Conducted by our Master Facilitators : 

Focus For Standing Rock
Water blessing Ceremony _Temple 23_ Toro

Ceremonial and Location-Based Principles Utilized in

Every Installation include :

•    Cultivation of heart resonant field (Solfeggio Tonal Bathing) to begin the process of opening sacred space. Using crystal tones and specific frequencies of hertz through the chakras.

•    Blueprints of divine grace: Divine Union activation for balance and wholeness integrating Divine Feminine and Masculine Ley-Lines in the land grids.

•    Grid stabilization of ley lines, dowsing for geopathic stress using sacred geometry structures. To bring balance harmony and wholeness.

•    Opening of torsion fields for sustainable flow of wealth and well-being. Using harmonic sound and light activations.

•    7 Element Alignment of Gateways :

Earth (Physical Plane),

Air (Mental Plane),

Water (Emotional Plane),

Fire (Spiritual),

Etheric (Subtle),

Akashic ( Causal Plane)

Light (MultiDimensional Plane)

to establish a consistent and sustainable flow of health, wealth and well-being.

•    Opening and sustaining of Prannic tubes for harmonic radiance to maintain a continual, consistent, even and fully functioning environment of growth and prosperity.

•    Consecration and Creation of Sacred Space for drawing beings of the highest and deepest vibration into your place of business.

Bringing all activities into their Highest Alignment.

•    Calibration of ancestral DNA opening and purifying and clearing lifelines, lifetimes, legacies and ancestral lineages. Akashic Record reading.

•    Transcendent Transmissions further messaging for deeper establishment of the intent of Presence.

•    Ceremonial blessings to welcome, thank and honor the Guides of the space and place.

•    Continuous opening of grids, communicating with elementals, clearing of locks in the land, in space and those in operation

•    Calibrate and align Mission & Purpose for communities.


Karyna SH'ha giving sound and light disp
Boulder Colorado Sky Temple Water Blessi
The _Gaia Matrix_ Icoso-Dodecahedron cir

Principles of Heart Harmonics utilized in our sessions include :

  • Light Language messages

  • Sonic layering

  • Calibration Keys

  • Digital super-learning libraries

  • Specialty musical activations

  • Sacred geometry structures and grids

  • Mantras Mudras Prayers &  Blessings

  • Smudging clearing of Sacred Space

  • Support crew and assistance with work in all locations

  • On-going and continued field support in maintaining balance and harmony.

  • Cultivation of heart fields

  • Blueprints of divine grace

  • Grid stabilization

  • Opening of torsion fields for sustainable flow of wealth and well-being.

  • Water blessing ceremonies

  • Daily practices, Meditations

  • Opening prannic tubes for Harmonic radiance

  • Consecration and Creation of “Universal lighthouses”

  • Lifelines, lifetimes, legacies and ancestral lineages merged opened and purified.

  • The upliftment of quantum downloads and numerous transmissions

  • Ceremonial blessings for family, community, businesses, properties

  • Continuous opening of grids, communicating with elementals, clearing of blockages on the lands, in homes and hearts.

  • Personal practices with private sessions

  • Calibrate, align mission and purpose

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