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Digital Links & Profiles of our Core Crew 





KA'ryna SH'ha:

KA’ryna SH’ha  is an internationally acclaimed Wisdom Teacher, Award Winning Multi-Media Artist, Author, Sacred Choral Singer and Master of Ascended Consciousness Principles.


Known as Grandmother AH’LU’ Sha’Mah,  KA’ryna is a “Master Shambhala Byung Tau” Spiritual Teacher of Advanced Metaphysics offering the "Sacred Gateways of the Heart Masters" realizing permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness.


KA’ryna’s 3 near death experiences have shaped the loving essence of her Ascended Heart Teachings.  Her Live transmissions are expressed through a diverse range of ceremonial performances & sacred musical arts. 


KA’ryna’s abundant gifts are derived from a lifelong devotion to connect humanity with our cosmic and spiritual roots of Presence through the Heart of fully embodied Love.



Office :  Toronto,  Ontario

Canada   647.379.2072

USA    3 0 3 * 4 7 2 * 3 5 0 6  

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Facebook Page:

Facebook Groups:
GrandMother Speaks:   

Stargate of The Heart:

YouTube Channel:

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President :  AH’Suna Arts > Multi-Media Art Platforms

Founder :  Luminous Leadership   >   Metamorphic Mastery 

Conductor :  Manna Matrix > Celestial Ceremonies

Creator :  Omnitudes Primordial Presence >   Heart Harmonics

Conduit :  GrandMother Speaks   >   The Oversoul Dialogues

Ceremonial Leader :  The Golden Circle > Sacred Spaces + Cosmic Consciousness

Magistar Banner.jpg

Gaspar Magistar:

Gaspar  Magistar’s  Legacy of Sacred Architecture laid the foundation for his rapid advancements inventing technologies which  integrate super-learning systems, efficiency experiences, multiplication mastery, geometric stargates, immersion instruments, celestial chambers & holographic harmonics.


With his core focus on bridging science + spirituality, Gaspar made enormous breakthroughs in his deep research navigating oceans of data to merge quantum science with metaphysics.  Expanding from a life of constructing power places & teaching conscious communities, Gaspar branched even further.  His pioneering bodies of work converge timeless technologies with career contributions to corporate consulting, performing arts, event productions, concerts & ceremonies.


Decades of Reverse-engineering the universal codex thru his encounters with world leaders & his curated collections of artifacts from libraries of innovations allowed Gaspar to create a revolutionary “Media Matrix” { M2 } Instrument.   Stationary & portable, modular & scalable, the combinations of elements for M2 immersions and interactions are always unique every time it is activated. 


Legendary stories come to life as the mythologies of all ages converge in the wow of now.  Everyone is given the opportunity to feel the full force of center stage.  Children understand these multi-dimensional languages.  Adults sometimes require more exposures.  M2 is also designed to allow each participants own experiences to be optimized whether staged within private chambers or public venues. 


Gaspar  Magistar     

Office :  Toronto,  Ontario

Canada  647.464.6337

USA   917.744.0899

Talent & Entertainment:  3 decades of lasting impressions ! 

Stargate Stages :

Media Matrix :
FaceBook : 


President : Celestial  Celebrations  Enchanting  Entertainers

Founder:   Stargate  Stages  Sacred  Geometry  Structures
Inventor:   Media  Matrix  Immersion & Interaction  Theatres

Conductor: Holographic  Harmonics  

   Sonic  Symphonies + Light  Languages

Master:     Community  Concerts  &  Conscious  Ceremonies

Builder & Guide to :     Power Places & Sacred Spaces


Business Consultant , Art Adviser, Speaker, Facilitator :
Sacred Geometry & Architecture
Engineering & Efficiencies
Arts & Staging

Quantum & Meta Physics

Precious Metals & Minerals

Bank Notes & Cryptocurrencies




Melissa Mace:


Melissa Mace Studied photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology and expanded upon this into an exploration of natural and digital inter-communications. 


Her inspiration and creative expression derive from photographic vignettes found on her walks in nature.

As she tunes into the voice of the earth & listens to the subtle world-wide rhythms within, she is able to reveal the hidden dimensions in each exquisite piece of Art .

From these deep impressions, her photographic archives are then focalized and fractalized into digital multi-dimensions to reveal the nature spirit hidden in each imperceptible vignette.

In her own words …”
I love being able to see and feel the light, even when we are sleeping and we think there is dark… Oh, how I love  dreams. “


9 1 7 * 9 0 3 * 2 4 6 4

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