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An invitation to You:

As a sovereign, noble and divine being of immense wisdom and grace,
you have to be ready to acknowledge many things about yourself deeply
before you can emerge into your true greatness.

As a Wisdom Mentor I Am interested:


  • In causes ​rather that understand the root causes that create our reality

  • To go deep into the existence of the disease of limitation  and the palgue of unworthiness that causes us to step out of pure awareness.
  • To examine the fundamental truths, the sacred archetypes, and the seeds of consciousness that have caused you to become who you are. ​
  • How to transmit energy to shift us into a higher existence and  deeper awareness.
  • To give lessons and messages of on our inherent nature and providential birthright. 
  • How we can transcend the very dream we have existed in and embody the gift of who we really are.

My teachings are caught rather than taught..

That is to say, while in my presence you are offered the opportunity to receive untold frequencies of pure spiritual illumination and divine wisdom which are transmitted directly into the core of your consciousness.

The process:

 In my role as a guardian and guide of each awakening soul's birth into higher consciousness...

  • I Serve as a witness to the natural talents and gifts in each being

  • I Serve as a catalyst and activator of profound spiritual wisdom in everyone

  • I Am as a guardian and guide of a lineage sacred principles 

I  AM embodying the very path I offer...
by Living what I Am Giving!

Opening The Libraries of Liberation

Opening the Libraries of Liberation

T h e A r t, M u s i c & M e s s a g e s of Visionary Master Teacher  K A ' r y n a S H ' h a

4 stages of development in realizing who we really are:
First Question: What is the gift of being?  Am I ready to acknowledge the gift of who I AM?
  • Awaken to your power …. through the acknowledgment of the gift of who you are! Open up your intuition….listen through the heart.
Second Question: What is the message of being? Am I ready to listen, witness and allow?
  • Align your will to the will of the divine …accept your role in the divine plan! Find the key stored in your intuition that unlocks and harmonizes all your aspects of self from local to non-local! …Be still and silent contemplate and meditate. Let the messages come forth.
Third Question: What is the lesson of being? Am I ready to receive and give of my gifts?
  • Activate your inherent gifts…. Use the key to open the doorway to the divine.  Become conscious of your gifts and act upon them! Learn how to receive and transmit cosmic energy.
Fourth Question: What is the truth of being? Am I ready to take command of the vehicle of my being?
  • Ascend into the whole…. Raise your vibration to serve transparently in the purest space of love. Deepen your wisdom through self-mastery by exemplifying and embodying the divine principles of "All That Is".
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