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 Luminous LeadershipTraining 

A Promise to You:

You are invited to open your whole being to merge into
a new awareness of the profound origins of your true nature .... 

Luminous Leadership Credo

All Wisdom lies at the doorway of love ​and 

willingness be the key to unlocking its mysteries.

Master Teacher Codex


Grace Supersedes All Karma and

The Light Restores All

Preparing the vessel of our being to enter into full mastery:
Our Blessedness is our Blissfulness...
We Are an Unfolding Prayer!

Coming into human form is an act of courage for all evolving beings!  Souls "line up" to come here because it’s the quickest way to advance on the evolutionary path. 

We are made in the name and nature of the divine… it’s all a matter of degrees of frequency that establishes connection and use of our power.

It is our task to first awaken to this power, then learn how to direct it from an ascended and grace-filled heart !  

How?.... by Acknowledging the "Gift" of who we truly are!

It is known as the Royal Road, the most "auspicious" opportunity to be of service to our communities by transmuting archetypal stories into their next step.

The path can be subtle and incremental or very swift and revolutionary depending on the part we play!

After all the times we’ve come, after all the roles we’ve played, we finally get to come here as we truly are! We step into our master path and “be” the glorious shining ones as Luminous Leaders, who light the "new" way home!

This is our time! We are being asked to slough off our personal misconceptions and beliefs that we are small and insignificant. We are being asked to let go of our personal lives and our small concerns for the real task at hand. It means that we are asked to adopt a new attitude that allows us to be as big and visible as we are meant to be.

It means, grow big in our greatness from a understanding that is true and simple...

Our nature is the same Source as God / Divine ,

Just get over the fact that built into you is the same power as

" All That Is" !

Luminous Leadership Lessons:

​Lesson #1 Get Real and get Clear with yourself.    


Lesson #2 Listen and be still....   


Lesson #3 Stop all the unnecessary doing. 


Lesson # 4 Beyond transformation, transmutation is total transfiguration! 


Lesson # 5 Be grateful for "Everything"....and I mean everything!!!


Lesson # 6 Find the gift in every situation.​​​​​​


Lesson # 7 Honor all Relations 


Lesson # 8 You are a transmitter and a receiver... 


Lesson # 9 Stay true to what is... 


​Lesson #10 Integrity is the key...


Lesson #11 I will to will thy will.... Thy Will be Done on Earth as It is in Heaven!


Lesson # 12 Be Present in Presence.


Lesson #13 You are....What IS


I Am Here, I am Whole, I Am Home

… I am a Divine, Sovereign and Noble being unto myself.


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