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Fee Structure:


Note: All fees unless otherwise agreed upon are in USD)
Further: Every design and installation is unique therefore all prices are negotiable

Sacred Geometry Stargate Sculptures


Preliminary Consultation Fee: $888


Genesa Crystal: Grids of 3s and 4s

Small: $555


Medium: $888


Large: $1111



Gaia Matrix: Grids of 3s and 5s

Small: $666


Medium: $999


Large: $1212



Merkabic Core: Grids of 3s, 4s, and 6s

Small: $333


Medium: $555

Large: $777



Toroidal D.N.A:

Full Size: $2222



Custom Fractal Stargates and Hub Engineering:

Design Engineering: Starting at $888

Site Placement Overseeing: $ 555

Transport, Set-Up, Construction and Calibration: Starting at $1111


Crystalline Activation: Starting at $1111


Finished Stargate Structures: Starting at $2222


Crystalline Grids:


Custom Fee Based on:

*the size of room

*+number of rooms

*+number of floors

*Private Spaces

*Public Venues


Sacred Sound Harmonics:

Custom Fee Based on:


*the size of room

*+number of rooms

*+number of floors

*Private Spaces

*Public Venue

Art Installation Specifications:

* Chrysalis is ideally suited to a flat and level indoor space of 16 ’ x 24 ‘ or greater. 


* The Centerpiece Stargate and Genesa Orb Capstone stand 5’wide x 8’ high.


* The longer Chrysalis is set up, the more potent the effects.  

We suggest a window of 2 or more days to allow the subtle fields of the chamber to fully come to life. 


* Sonic Soundscapes & Liquid Light Ambiance


* Crystals and minerals of various sizes are positioned within the Stargate, at the entry & exit points and around the chamber space


* Vesica mandorla { the sacred inner shape of an eye made by the centre of two intersecting circles }  geometry arc grid of ambient lighting with white fabric cloud cover can be laid out on ground if there is safe and close access to power outlets.



Clients and Hosts Checklist:

___   A quiet space that allows for full benefits of vocal harmonics, focus & facilitation
___   Change room and gear storage for artists
___   A half dozen chairs and cushions
___   One to Three tables for instruments
___   Closest nearby parking during Installation and Ceremonies



Staging & Strike-downs:

NOTE: Please allow us anywhere from a 7 day to a 7 hour window to properly lay all the elements in place depending on what kind of installation we are preparing for you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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