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Upcoming Events

  • "Paradisium" A Journey Into Paradise
    Sat, Apr 22
    "Paradisium" ... A Journey Into Paradise
    A 2 day 2-Part online Divine Destiny Dive Sat April 22nd 2023 5-7pm & Sun April 23rd 2023 5-7pm Guided through the Gates of the Heart, We enter a Secret & Sacred Place of Perennial Wisdom, Where we rise to the ancient calling of our highest truth... it is here we Journey Into "Paradisium".
  • Rapture
    Sun, Jan 22
    A Golden Circle of Sacred Sound & Living Light Mantra’s: Ancient Sutra’s …“Glistening Threads” of Profound Wisdom and Awareness. Emanations and Transmissions of Pure Radiant Grace…. Dispelling the Illusion of Separation Rapturous Revelations Unveiling the “Secret Sanctuaries of the Most High”.
  • 12 :12 Ceremony & LoveStream....The 12 Harmonic Pillars of Creation
    Mon, Dec 12
    12:12 Ceremony & Lovestream
    * 12 Moments of Clear Intention Ignition for the Coming Year. * Reframing & Releasing All That Has Served Our Growth. * Ancient Gifts of the Harmonic Heart Masters. * Connect to your Super-Cluster Spark. * Transmissions of Sacred Sound & Light-Language. * Recorded & Available to review.
  • A Mass Convergence
    Tue, Nov 22
    A Mass Convergence ... Online on Zoom
    Together from around the world, we enter into this Cosmic Moment to experience a Cosmo-Genesis at the Dawning of this New Epoch... We Are Here, and in our Hearts is the remembering and revelation, now is the time to pass through Golden Gateways....Breathe, Soften and Sound Thy Holy Name.