Upcoming Events

  • A Mass Convergence
    Tue, Nov 22
    A Mass Convergence ... Online on Zoom
    Together from around the world, we enter into this Cosmic Moment to experience a Cosmo-Genesis at the Dawning of this New Epoch... We Are Here, and in our Hearts is the remembering and revelation, now is the time to pass through Golden Gateways....Breathe, Soften and Sound Thy Holy Name.
  • "The Unveiling"....A Ceremony and Celebration of The Heart (22/10/2022)
    Sat, Oct 22
    Location is TBD
    An Evening of Profound Opening's, Cosmic Connections, Divine Transmissions, Sacred Sonics & Harmonics, in an Iconic Art-Filled Mansion.
  • The Omega Portal Revealed
    Mon, Dec 21
    Revelations of The Omega Portal Twin Gateway...The Immaculate Heart of Harmonic Humanity Singing Songs of Union & Unity.