KA'ryna SH'ha, the voice of "GrandMother Speaks"

…Is an acclaimed Mystic Teacher of
Awakening and Ascending Consciousness. 


As a Creative Conduit of Universal Energy, her Magnetic and Powerful Presence activates deep chords of wisdom at the heart of humanities true Divine Origins.

For more than a quarter century, KA’ryna SH’ha has been honored to share Blessing Practices to those ready to acknowledge the “Gift” of who they truly are.

Born with a profound gift to peer into the unseen Heart of Creation, her radiant, sensitive and loving awareness inspires us to awaken into “The Grace of Presence”; she calls the “Heart-Field” of Enlightenment

Her life impressions and experiences from the well of her inner illuminated knowing and the wisdom gleaned from 3 near-death experiences have shaped the loving essence of her Ascended Heart Teachings.

KA’ryna’s deep passion for ceremonial performance and sacred musical arts, have manifested in breathtaking multi-sensory events that transport guests into realms of pure bliss!


Merging her diverse talents…

Award-Winning Visionary Art
Transformative Teachings
Sacred Writing
Living Light-Songs

with Guided Meditative Transmissions

KA'ryna offers us the opportunity for profound and simultaneous shifts in how we align and harmonize ourselves with our true nature.

Her deepest devotional calling is to immerse humanity in a direct experience, of what she calls “Natural Divinity” through the presence of the Immaculate Heart.

“It’s simple, but not always easy…sometimes you just need a steady hand and heart to hold you, as you learn how to steady yourself.”

Whether it’s in a private sitting or a public gathering, those that have been in KA’ryna’s presence have felt the breath of their own living miracle welcoming them home to the heart of who they truly are.

A Journey Of Awakening And Mastery all begins in the breath

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Her Chronological Journey:

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- Oct 2016- to Present: Events, Writings, Teachings and Artworks from “GrandMother Speaks…” with over 50 Spiritual Essays and 40 world-wide events.


- April 2015–Feb 2016: Divine Mother Transmissions online and in person events for the Bagua Center in Miami Florida.


- May 2015 KA`ryna SH`ha Launched the Global Heart Attunement for Harmonizing the “Waters of the World” ceremonial tour of 5 months throughout North America.



- July 2014 As a Guest of the United Nations…she embarked upon a 4 ½ month Tour and Spiritual Residency through the U.S. Launching the World premiere of her DVD, “Opening the Libraries of Liberation” Holding Multi-Media Events with Global Spiritual Leaders.


- 2011-2013  She held council for the first time with visionary and spiritual leaders to mark celestial events world-wide Fertilization of Global and Universal Consciousness marking the Completion of the Cycle of Cycles.


 - 2011  KA'ryna delivered the first major global appearance of the 13 Golden Codes of Creation before an audience of 5,000 in Denver Colorado at a ceremony to mark the 11 11 11.


- 2004  she received and began the journey of developing the 13 Golden Codes of Creation as a direct transmission of Golden light to share with humanity the Ancient Practices of the Harmonic Heart Masters.


-1991-2003  KA’ryna served as a ceremonial guide and guardian at numerous International healing events, spiritual circles and concerts teachings the ways of the Harmonic Heart Masters to assist humanity in its evolutionary call to ascend.


- 1993  after a lengthy illness she gave birth to her only child, a son named Liam (Elysium).

- 1991  she met her husband and partner Gaspare who brought her out of her cloistered world and onto the World stage.
Together from 1992 to present they have traveled and offered teachings and ceremonies to thousands around the world.


- Ka’ryna’s early life and up to the age of 33 was almost cut short 3 times due to severe illness.

Throughout this tribulation she had 3 near-deaths experiences that allowed her to have a deeper and wider vison of her spiritual mission life.