​Who Is KA’ryna SH’ha?

Known as : Grandmother AH’ LU’ SHA’MA- Master Shambhala Byung Tau, Teacher of Advanced Spiritual Metaphysics, offering the "Sacred Gateways of the Heart Masters",
manifesting permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness.​

KA'ryna Conducting "Primordial Presence"

Sacred Ceremony In Sedona Arizona

A Journey Of Awakening And Mastery all begins in the breath

KA’ryna SH’ha  is an illumined being of Grace and Wisdom with such a deep unconditional love of humanity and all life.... that would easily qualify her to be among the greatest teachers and masters if the world were to fully become aware of her.

However for the last couple of decades, KA’ryna has chosen to courageously venture to the very core of consciousness itself.  The communication that was transmitted to her is of such a high vibration, that only now are we ready to receive it.

Her flood of quantum revelations from source, have culminated in the creation of a new Language of Light. 
Every person who receives it undergoes rapid and dramatic shifts that bring their lives into alignment with their highest destiny and deepest purpose.        

KA’ryna is now emerging with a timely gift for all of humanity to blossom into our full essence as we collectively transition into our true heart's light!  

With a wealth of wisdom and experience that transcends description, she generously teaches all about the sacred gifts of our destiny that will allow us to own our mastery. 

KA’ryna has a depth of awareness & expanse of clarity that makes her a living example of Luminous Leadership. 

She accepts all who cross her path at their chosen stage of life and offers an open heart for those who are ready to immerse themselves in their own living mastery. 

It is no wonder that the greatest teachers and healers are drawn to her. It is a fact that one of her unique gifts is to be a mastery mentor to the teacher/healers. It really makes no difference how rich, famous or powerful those who have sought her guidance are because she treats all as equals on their life path.

In Her Own Words

My Life, My Perspective, My Attitude about everything is very simple...I Am here to serve!
Service feeds the being with Love and Love creates an atmosphere for everything to flourish into its deepest and highest possible outcome.
I Am here to nourish and support the unfoldment of the All by being fully available and present in this heart.
It is my honour and treasured wish that you uncover and discover what you have come here to be!
You are invited to open your whole self to merge. To come to know through awareness and presence the profound origins of your true nature…

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KA'ryna's offerings are intended for your edification and elucidation. ​

Contact: 303 472 3506
email: info@karynashha.com

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