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Welcome to the Wonderful World of

Genesa ∞ Crystals




A Perfect Dance of Science + Spirituality

Behold a key piece of GAIA’s Geometry


Amplifying our Intentions:

The Genesa is a sacred geometric structure that can be used as a powerful tool for manifestation.
Because its shape is perfectly aligned with nature,
it generates an energy vortex that amplifies the intentions of those in its presence.
In effect, it becomes an antenna that attracts, cleanses, and balances energy.


The Genesa is called a "crystal" because much like a quartz  it can hold "programs" and intentions.  Like a natural crystal, the Genesa creates a vortex of energy that resonates a specific pattern.  It is both a transmitter and receiver of quantum & cosmic energies.


Genesa's are useful for everyone!
They can be used to:

* magnify healing intentions, 
* increase the flow of business 
* aid in the growth & development of plants...
Just to name just a few of their powerful gifts.



Sacred Geometry Shape : Cuboctahedron









This archetypal pattern is technically called a cuboctahedron.  It is one of the 13 Archimedean Solids that uniquely contains within it all the 5 key Platonic Solids (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, icosahedron, and dodecahedron). These shapes are the building blocks for all organic life.


The cuboctahedron has 14 faces, 24 edges, and 12 vertices (hubs). Its shape is formed by 6 squares and 8 equilateral triangles.



Quantum + MetaPhysics :








Your Genesa Crystal mirrors the cellular pattern of all embryonic living organisms at the third cell division. At this 8 cell stage, the cellular structure of all life forms are identical! 

From this point in development, life expands in all directions.

This eight cell cluster serves as a point of infinite potential. It contains the full expression for infinite love, pure wisdom, form, energy, power and faith. It carries all your goals, desires &motivations - even life itself. Genesa’s make visible the invisible by penetrating the core geometry of energy fields that envelope our 3rd dimensional reality.


Scientific + Mathematical Study :












Vector Equilibrium emanates/condenses from a center in twelve fundamental directions.
This emergent energy moves outward through space & time in the form of a cuboctahedron,
alternating with its mathematical reciprocal, an octahedron-within-a-cube

THE VECTOR EQUILIBRIUM MATRIX -describes the most economical lines of movement within the atomic nucleus.


Activities :
We are confident that your sculpture is sure to become the centerpiece of any conversation…


__set up an abundance activation station >  write your wishes, roll your scrolls and place them in your sculpture to manifest miracles and specific intentions. Some people place money in the center to attract abundance while others insert photos to protect a loved one or help them heal.

__place crystals and treasured artifacts in the core to add a new dimension of energy and personal touch to your sculpture.

__hang your sculpture{ 3 options : from the center of a  triangle or square or “ x “ point } in front of windows, over desks, beds, meditation spaces and gardens.

__spin it > like a prayer wheel, the more it rotates, the greater the amplification of energy to attract your highest intentions & wishes.

__light + shadow play > observe all the geometries and optical effects that emerge from the slightest shift in angles to light sources.

__Orientation : to 2 triangular poles + equator or 2 square poles with 4 diamond gateways of focus.


Whether you plan to use your Genesa for spiritual development or just cleansing and balancing the energies of your space, this sculpture will reflect that unique expression of your core values.





















We thank you for your purchase and welcome your feedback.

Remember to keep your heart open to your greatest powers within by allowing miracles to find you…
doing what you Love the most...
Gaspar  Magistar

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