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Stargate Stages Presents

Sacred Geometry Centerpiece Chambers
for Ceremonies & Celebrations

*Sacred Geometry Stargate Sculptures
*Ceremonial Presence & Prannic Practices
*Sacred Soundscapes & Holographic Harmonics
*Alchemical Crystalline Grids & Jeweled Lattice Adornments
*Visionary Designs of Fractal Fields, Activation Art & Nature Deities

Cosm 2018 Installation Full Moon July 28th 2018

Feel the power of Cosmic & Transformational Forces generated by combining Group Intentions along with expert Guidance of Guardian Gatekeepers as pulsing toroidal waves move through our whole being

Stargates… Open dimensional realms

Portals…. Dilate our Hearts

Bridges… Unite us All

Harmonic Humans…  Contain the All

Stargate Stages & Celestial Chambers are potent energy transmitters and receivers.

These subtle and very sophisticated installations transform lives by their very presence in any space.

Stargates really come to life as hubs, intersection points & centerpieces for ceremonies in sacred spaces.

When ignited by our bio-electro-magnetic fields, they amplify our capacities for allowing more abundance on every dimensional level to manifest into material form.


Subtle and sophisticated codes from fractal fields



Our energy

with potent paths and streams of

ease and grace which

our powerful capacities for manifesting


Our hearts natural ability to truly be in harmony at our core so that we can


our clarity of communication with the truth of our purpose



our torsion flow of expansion & attunement to pulsing ripples



Our prannic

tube of bliss & experience a divine kiss to embody

pure love and innocence

Stargate Immersions & Interactions


How to amplify, activate and accelerate your power and presence in the fields of Chrysalis?

Every single person that participates in the chamber multiplies the power of toroidal flow.  

Those that touch the Stargate will certainly feel the effects.  

Those that pass through the hub will be aligning their prannic presence with the core of a universal energy field that bridges quantum and celestial realms.

Gaspar’s Core Teachings:

We are 5th-dimensional beings navigating 4th-dimensional experiences { physical, mental, emotional & spiritual } in a 3 dimensional world that dances between life and rebirth on an infinite journey back and forth between the one source of all that ever was, is and will ever be.



Celestial Stargates Sacred Geometry Design & Construction Workshops:

Gaspar shares the sacred mysteries of ancient calculations defining time and space.
All of Gaspar Magistars profound and beautiful designs are both transmitters and receivers of cosmic energies.

As activation stations, they are perfect for any kind of ceremonies & intentions.  

Results that may occur from experiencing these structures :

*calms and relieves stress
*aids in deeper meditation
*amplifies healing energies
*accelerates spiritual development
*expands greater intuitive awarenes


torodial energy.jpg

Interested in having an installation?
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