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The Divine Designs and Conscious Creations of KA'ryna SH'ha

Divine Designs Conscious Creations 
by KA'ryna SH'ha

All of our art works are desinged to work together Harmonically

Purchase one or all and discover a system of harmonically tuned creations that combine to give you a powerful perspective and understanding into you.

Uncover the secret relationship to the divine principles of this cosmos!

Phi proportioned from the shape, cut, color and design.

Welcome to a newly revealed set of sacred teachings & healing transmissions for harmonizing ourselves with deepest foundations of “Soul & Self” to the highest dimensions of “All That Is”.

Discover the gifts of pure light, filled with radiant love as the transformational codes of the heart unfold a path to Enlightenment, Ascension and the Embodiment of pure states of Bliss.

Each Golden Light artwork is designed to open pathways of conscious connection for deepening the presence of light within.

Artist and Metaphysician:

Looking deeply into the unified field of divine perception, KA’ryna SH’ha deciphers the super-conscious codes of creation to form an exquisite work of art! Like sacred mirrors, they allow us to embrace our divine essence from a whole new perspective.

KA’ryna’s designs are slices of cosmic consciousness in ratios of radiance, to open up multi-dimensional aspects of the receiver (you). They transmit a fractal language of phi ratio proportions in sacred you go higher and deeper into levels of your own Mastery.

KA’ryna’s artworks are an expression of her teachings, healings, and are an ultimate doorway and extension of the facets of her multi-dimensional being! They emanate the colors of her radiant heart and transmit the sacred languages of her Ascended Essence.

New Works of Art 2013-2014

Torsion Field Series 2010-2013

Opening The Libraries of Liberation and Harmonic Humanity Series

Creation Codex Series


Golden Light Series


Sacred Keys of Mastery Series


Ah'suna Arts 


Galactic Sound Keys Series


Click on any artwork to enlarge.

New Works of Art 2015-2018
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