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Sitting In Council Metta-Mentoring: ​
Life’s Moments Melting into the High Holy Heart

Book your introductory session below:
Songs of Infinite Light,

Expansions of the Heart in Grace,

Transmissions in Harmonic Octaves of Living Wonder,

May you be Uplifted and Purified

in the Divine Awareness of your

True Nature…



You are an…Instrument of beauty,

A rarity of consciousness,

An acutely aware and sensitive being,

A powerful light-filled presence,

Who only requires the simplest

attunement, adjustment, and acknowledgment

To Realize The Gift of Who You Truly Are.



How each session Unfolds?:

We meet together in person or virtually…
To sit in the silence of the Heart.

To breathe into the moment.

To welcome Divine Grace to enter in…

To call upon the Clear Light of Love to be delivered,
The Clear Light That Casts no shadow.

Allowing everything to be slowed down so it can be seen, felt, acknowledged, and transmuted.

Whatever needs to be revealed will come to the surface, to be healed and harmonised.




During your time with KA’ryna and GrandMother you are offered 3 things:

First: * An Invitation... To Listen Deeply.
We deal with the seeking for answers and trying to figure
everything out based on a fixed view and narrative.


Second: * A Promise... To Honor Your True Self.

Stop all the plate spinning of trying to keep everything going
and exhausting ourselves at the same time.

Third: * A Gift...  To Awaken Your Natural Divinity.

Get really quiet and still…
so we can hear the calm, gentle voice of our heart whispering the way through.


In each Session you are offered the opportunity
to be immersed in Deeper Awareness,
as reflected in the Higher Senses:

* To BE…
Unfolding in silence within the Spirit of the Heart, the hidden dimensions of Unspoken Truth arise.

* Seen…
to Witness and Recognise your true nature.


* Heard…
to Listen and Acknowledge yourself, as you hear the voice of your true nature


* Upheld….
to Embody Deeply and Honestly the presence of your true nature.


* to Speak ….
Test the boundaries of Self, Source, and God, as you Explore the profound depths of your true nature.


* Breathed…
Inhale and Exhale the Sweet and the Bitter Vapor of Life’s Truth as the Spirit of your true nature Ascends.


* Valued…
Discover the power to Love, Heal and Harmonize with Devotional Presence through connection.



How long is each Session?...

 A session is generally 1.5-2 hours in length depending on what needs to occur.


How often to the Metta Mentoring sessions occur?
It is an organic process that unfolds naturally…
determined mutually by you,
your higher guidance,
and in dialogue with KA’ryna.


What is offered to all in each session?...

Heart-Gazing and Listening...
in GRACE, wisdom and love.

Transmissions of the Clear Light (the light that casts no shadow)
to awaken, align, activate, and ascend the gift of who we truly are.

Revelations and Realizations…
direct information to understand our true nature.

Appreciation and Acknowledgment…
deeper awareness of our life’s challenges and our mission and purpose.

The Mysteries Unfolding in The Unseen…
Fundamental answers of how we may restore and return our true natural divinity of being.




What is asked of you in session with KA’ryna and Grandmother ? 
Nothing but a willingness to be present and listen deeply in the heart.

Perhaps one comes to council with a question?

Perhaps one comes to council with something to resolve?...

While sitting in the silence and stillness whatever is meant to come forth…will.




Specifics for your appointment:                 

* Make sure you have a quiet room or space where you can be alone and won’t be disturbed during your session.

* Be in a comfortable place where you can sit and be able to relax during the guided meditation and transmission of healing vibrations.

* Have a blanket as sometimes when frequency shifts we can have a body temperature change.

* Have a glass of water to drink sometimes during a session with KA'ryna you will need to refresh yourself.

* Have a pen and paper and or journal available to write down your insights, mantras and affirmations that come through

(If you are having your session virtually...)

* You will need to download the zoom coordinates on your computer or phone.

*Make sure you have a camera on your computer that is working so we can see each other.


* Downloading zoom for video and teleconferencing before we meet:


NOTE: Your appointment will be recorded and then sent to you via Dropbox


How are "Sitting In Council" sessions held?

* In person   * Zoom    * in a group 

Where are in-person sessions held?​

In Ka'ryna's office (Greater Toronto Area)  while in Toronto Canada
In Boulder and Crestone Colorado while in Colorado 
In Manhattan while in New York City N.Y.

~ Directions to the exact locations are given upon appointment booking. 

How Long is a session?​

1.5-4 hrs depending upon the requisite needs.​

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