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Previous Events....

Mon July 29th 2019

It is our intention that this Transformation Toolbox filled with videos, meditations, ebooks, training videos and other ascension tools will help make your soul-expression and awakening experience more grace-filled.

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Recent Events....

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Tues Aug 28th 2018

Time: 2 pm ET, 1 pm CT, 12 pm MT,11 am PT...7 pm GMT.

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Master teacher KA'ryna SH'ha is excited to be sharing The Oversoul Dialogues 

"GrandMother Speaks...Revelations in Her Teachings" 

on Your Divine Uniqueness.

Save the date!...Tues Aug 28th

Time: 2 pm ET, 1 pm CT, 12 pm MT,11 am PT...7 pm GMT.

Her Gift to You...

"I will be offering a live Divine Dispensation transmission to show you how to access your spiritual gift's."

In this profound Heart-Harmonizing experience with  KA'ryna SH'ha and the Universal Oversoul of GrandMother AH'LU'Sha'Mah, you will be offered an Overlighting of The I AM Presence through an ancient practice called "soaking prayer"...in which we are delivered the highest and deepest blessings of Omnipresence or Divine Love."

Lessons and Illuminations...
In this power-filled unfoldment you will discover sacred knowledge and wisdom teachings of how to prepare “The Vessel of Your Being”… to enter into the fullest expression of Awakening, Mastery, Enlightenment and Ascension.

KA'ryna will be..
* Answering questions from live callers,
* Giving radiant messages
*Delivering Healing and Harmonizing Transmissions
*Activating Sound and Light Blessing
 *Sharing key points of GrandMother's Teachings.

International Influence and Inspiration:

KA'ryna has been a featured guest performer at numerous concerts and international conferences that promote Global Consciousness, Leadership and Spiritual Awakening.


​She has had the honor and privilege of giving  key-note addresses to audiences world-wide. KA'ryna has appeared on numerous Radio, Television and Internet media shows as well.


The Ascension Summit with Ariella Indigo
March 1-20 2018

jazz up you Life with Judy Anderson Jan 23rd 2018


Soul Freedom Summit with Demetria Manouselis

Cari Murphy-"Straight Talk for the Soul" Season 4 
July 11th and Aug 2  2017


WeEvolve TV Global Summit with Medea Chechik Oct 15th 2015    

 Listen to KA'ryna's Radio interview with Starr Fuentes, Jan 7th 2015 ....
Where she discussed all things Metaphysical
Web: http://starrfuentes.com/radio.html