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Divine Pollination ~ Celestial Heart Sutras
A  Series of Ceremonial Circles

With KA'ryna SH'ha & Special Guests

Online Monthly Satsangha Gathering
Every Month a New Theme of Exploration and Growth

Transmissions in Natural Divinity

Be enfolded, embraced and nourished in the
Nectar of your Purest Heart Intelligence.

12 Live Events Online

KA'ryna SH'ha & Special Guests 
+Transmissions & Messages
+ Sacred Sounding's
+ Heart-Healing 
+ Delving Into The Depths of our True Nature
+ Visionary Artworks and Creative Expressions
+ Bonus Year End Culmination Gathering


Through Spiritual Emanations, Sacred Soundings, and Presence Practices...
KA’ryna SH’ha  will share the "Gifts of Grace" to Encourage and Elevate our Natural Divinity



















In this profound and powerful series of Celestial Circles,
KA'ryna SH'ha and guest facilitators,
offer the opportunity to gather together and collectively
discover the power and presence of opening our high holy heart.


The word Sutra in Sanskrit means "string" or "thread",

to string together words and phrases for divine transmission of inner illumined truths.

Or Satsang, is a Sanskrit word that means "gathering together for the truth" or,
more simply, "being with the truth."


Whenever something increases our experience of the Truth, it opens our Heart and quiets our mind.
On the other hand, whenever something limits or narrows our experience of the Truth,

the Heart contracts and the mind gets busier.


We are all equally endowed with this capacity to discern the Truth.  
Thus, the true teacher is within us, and satsang, or being with the Truth, is endless.

We have always been here in the embrace of our true nature as aware, loving space.

We have always been in satsang.

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KA’ryna’s Method of Teaching...“Honoring and Conveying”:

KA’ryna offers all the Presence of her heart by Imparting wisdom through Emanations of  Divine Grace.
Emanating is as a way of conveying divine information "to flow from" or "to pour forth or out of.

Her teachings are Caught rather than Taught…
That is to say, KA’ryna acts as a conduit and catalyst to trigger shift’s in awareness.
While in her presence one is offered the opportunity to receive..
+multiple strands of consciousness
+multiple bandwidths of awareness
+ With untold frequencies of pure spiritual illumination and divine wisdom

Which are transmitted directly into the core of ones being.

When You Join a Circle…
KA’ryna honors and respects all who come into Circle as Sovereign, Noble and Divine Beings.

Therefore everything that she transmits is given with one caveat “If You So Choose”.
We cannot bypass the will of another no matter how much we want to assist them. We must allow every being the opportunity to discover their own unique understanding of the Truth.
In this way all gifts are Free of any entanglements and Karma.

What She Gives…
In her role as a guardian and guide of each awakening soul's birth into higher consciousness,
she serves as …

* A witness to the natural talents and gifts in each being.

* A catalyst and activator of profound spiritual wisdom.

* A guardian and guide of a lineage of sacred principles. 


By embodying the very path that she offers’ to all...she says,

“Be willing to live naturally what you want to give whole-heartedly?”

Old ruined arch in ancient temple at sun

As we sit together with KA’ryna and Grandmother in Presence…


+  We go within and connect deeply to our hearts, breathing in Love and breathing out Grace.


+ Gently and calmly we harmonize with our eternal essence.


+ Our heart begins to link up and sync up with the Source of our Being.


+ Allowing that which rises from our mission and purpose on earth to bring us deeper awareness and clarity.


+ We experience a calming, centering, and harmonizing presence.


+ Through Connection with our spiritual presence, we experience profound knowledge of our true nature and light.


+ A calling and remembrance of who and what we truly rises up in us to open our gifts.


+ Divine awareness arrives through the Immaculate Heart of our Intact Being.


+ Bringing forth a clearer understanding of our core wisdom and gifts from the Essential Nature.


+ From this exchange we experience the power of Grace to quicken and accelerate our Natural Divinity and Greatness of Being.


Each Satsang experience is a dynamic and unique feast for the heart:

No two events are ever alike as each circle brings forward what is called for... 

Living and Breathing in the Moment!

That is the beauty of attending an event with KA’ryna SH’ha.

With 25 years of experience in masterfully facilitating individual, group sessions, and

gatherings world-wide she understands how to Lead with the Heart.

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