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Luminous Living ™ with KA’ryna SH’ha


Come and stay awhile and immerse yourself in the warm tranquil waters of your “Luminous Legacy”.


Be present as you stand in the purest manifestation of an incorruptible, inexhaustible and infinite space of being! 


Lift off from the world of form and enter into the “Sanctuary of the Heart” as you make contact with the purifying presence of the “Holy of Holies”.


Come into the space of the “Unified Flame” called the “Secret Place of the Most High”, a state of perfect equilibrium and peace.


Come and discover the "The Invitation of Your Heart and The Promise of Your Soul".


Would you like to?


  • Learn simple and elegant ways to cooperate and collaborate with higher forces that support your infinite potential.


  • Activate your Sovereign, Noble and Divine nature.


  • Empower your truest path and deepest gifts for living a power-filled life.

DELIVERED to You... 

Knowledge of The 3 Gifts of Source: 


1. Omnipresence “The Love Of All That Is” Nobility- Mukti



2. Omniscience “The Supreme Intelligence” Sovereignty -Bhakti



3. Omnipotence “The Divine Wisdom” Divinity-Shakti

ACTIVATED within You...

The Receiving and Giving of: 


  • Divine Dispensations ™: D.N.A transmissions of Grace for opening the Libraries of Liberation™ the storage center containing 90% of the dormant codes to awaken the foundations of true wealth and well-being. 



  • Teachings: on the Light-Body and the essential nature of wisdom, love and power at your very core.

DISCOVERED by You: ... 

You Will REALIZE How to: 


  • Align With Divine Equanimity: To ignite your mission and accelerate the rapid expansion of your life’s legacy. Come into alignment with the foundations of true wealth and well-being. 

  • Awaken The Seeds Of Knowing: Naturally and effectively sustain the life of your deepest dreams.

  • Actualize Your Spiritual Gifts: The key to all well-being.


Results Received:


Here are some of the opportunities available for your growth ...

1st KEY: Awakening

#1 Accepting the gift of being…

Question: Am I ready to acknowledge the gift of who I AM?


  • Awakening to our power through the acknowledgment of the gifts of being.

  • Opening up our intuition through deep awareness.

  • Unconditional listening and expansion of the heart.

  • Attuning the primary instrument of being with source.

2nd KEY: Aligning

#2 Acknowledging the messages of the heart…

Question: Am I ready to listen, and allow myself to be who I truly am?


  • Aligning our will with the will of the divine.

  • Acknowledging and accepting our role in the divine plan.

  • Unlocking stored information in the 7 Bodies of Being™.

  • Harmonizing with all aspects of self from local to non-local!

  • Develop and cultivate practices of contemplation and meditation.

  • Letting the messages come forth.

3rd KEY: Activating

#3 Awakening to the recurrent themes that form the lessons of life …Question: Am I ready to receive and give of my gifts?


  • Activating our inherent gifts by refining the signal within and the transmission sent out.

  • Using the spiritual mysteries as archetypes to open the doorway to the divine.

  • Becoming conscious of our gifts and applying them unceasingly. 

  • Learning how to receive and transmit cosmic energy.

4th KEY: Acsending

#4 Allowing what is authentic and natural to open profound truths... 

Question: Am I ready to take command of the vehicle of my being?


  • Increasing our vibrancy and ratio of radiance through prayer and blessing.

  • Raising our vibration to serve openly and transparently in the purest space of love.

  • Deepening our wisdom through self-mastery.Leading by exemplifying and embodying the principles Luminous Living™.

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