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Engagements of KA’ryna SH’ha’s Services:

When you choose to engage KA’ryna’s services for the expansion of your consciousness and the awakening of your heart…

remember that everything that unfolds is guided by your highest and deepest nature. 

Our Sovereign, Noble and Divine Nature is inviolable (intact and untouched)… KA’ryna recognises this in each being.
You have your own divine timing to grow and mature, the process can never be rushed.

When you decide to be your true self fully, promise to love all aspects of yourself completely, and commit to embracing the change necessary for your growth clearly, remember this… you are the one in charge of creating the circumstances for that transformation to occur.

KA’ryna offers herself as a catalyst and conduit to open gateways of Rarefied Grace (Divine Providential Gifts of the Heart) through radiant divine healing light.

She offers wisdom teachings of the Sacred Heart Masters… through her Ascended Nature known as GrandMother Ah’Lu’Sha’Mah she transmits pathways of loving presence to aid us in our quickening and growth.

You may choose to partake of this Field of Loving awareness to facilitate the opening of your highest and deepest heart of Grace.
You are the one who chooses how much you are willing to absorb and take in.

Prior to meeting with KA’ryna, you will be asked to have an interview before proceeding to your first appointment.
KA’ryna only offers extended unfoldment engagements with individuals.

This is to ensure that the gifts of each being has the time and presence to fully open. Otherwise you are welcome to attend an evening or weekend gathering with her amongst others.

*Payment for Services: A pre-approved agreement of an endowment gift is decided upon and deposited prior to your first meeting. This is arranged by those in charge of all of private and public appointments.


8 Protocols for working with KA’ryna SH’ha and GrandMother


  • 1. Responsibility… for your own presence...
    Your actions are derived from your consciousness. Think before you speak. Feel deeply at your core what is necessary and act accordingly.  Whatever you are and do, you are in charge of.
    Be ever mindful and heart-centered….go gentle amid the noise and distractions of life and love all that is presented as an aspect of your own.


  • 2. Sensitivity… Joyful and centered creative exploration of the truth that belongs to you...
    Honoring the gift of your divine nature. Still the voices that inquire about life, silence the desire to know who and what you are, and distill the energies that ask for your attention.
    Then and only then, open the sacred space of your truest heart where all presence of being resides. When you are attuned with your inherent divine nature you will be able to attune and sense this in all.



  • 3. Integrity….follow through... 
    Your words and actions align and complete a circuit of Power. All deriving from protocol number 1.
    When you know/sense/feel what is whole and complete inwardly everything becomes simple. Our word, deeds and commitments demonstrate the level at which we operate from.
    Be firm and flexible….firm in your resolve to honor the completion of your best offering.
    Flexible in awareness of the dynamic shifting needed to move through the changing tides and timelines of creation.



  • 4. Listen…your heart knows what is best and most essential... 
    When you listen you will discern what is real and true, therein naturally you will understand what is called for and what is asked of you.


  • 5. Attention…give your whole and fullest being to an inner process of calm... 
    We are here in a physical form for a reason. We asked to descend into a vehicle of which you chose to inhabit consciously.

    It is your task to master it. Subtly and gently remain responsive to the inner workings of your true essence.
    This is the guiding force that will direct you to a profound state of ease and presence.


  • 6. Kindness…. Always act for the goodwill of all...
    Come to the inner plane of actualization, where pure love and pure presence reside and reconcile any part of you with this space of oneness. In our immaculate and intact nature, demonstrate and exemplify how you intend to live in harmony with all that is.


  • 7.  Trust….in your higher and deeper essence in presence that…
    Trust will always guide us to the right action and the most graceful path. Trust that everything has a purpose and reason for its appearance in your life.
    Embrace the unknown and you will flourish and rise to great heights of Love as you come to appreciate and realize the deepest compassion for all beings.


  • 8. Joy….find the humor and light-hearted nature of Love in all of your actions, thoughts and outlook... 
    Life is meant to be celebratory and fulfilling. When we change our perspective on any given situation with an awareness and attitude of playful gratitude…we lighten or “enlighten” the heavy attitudinal burdens that can weigh us down and diminish the opportunity for transformation, growth and happiness.
    As long as we are judging ourselves or another for not measuring up we limit the potential for our fullest expression of Love and Presence.

How are Manna Mentoring sessions held?

* In person   * Zoom    * in a group 

Where are in-person sessions held?​

In Ka'ryna's office (Greater Toronto Area)  while in Toronto Canada
In Boulder and Crestone Colorado while in Colorado 
In Manhattan while in New York City N.Y.

~ Directions to the exact locations are given upon appointment booking. 

How Long is a session?​

1.5-4 hrs depending upon the requisite needs.​

Contact Us to book a session

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