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Sat, Jun 10


Transfiguration~ The Great Grand-Mothering

Transfiguration of The Heart: "The Great Grand-Mothering"

A 2 Day Online Visionary Expansion, Elevation, & Exploration of "The High Holy Heart"... through "The Shift Of All Ages." Sat June 10 2023 5-7pm E.S.T ~ Sun June 11, 2023 5-7pm E.S.T *Replay of Event+Attunements+Overlighting Harmonics+Messages &Transmissions * By $ Medicine Money Gift Donation

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Transfiguration of The Heart: "The Great Grand-Mothering"
Transfiguration of The Heart: "The Great Grand-Mothering"

Time & Location

Jun 10, 2023, 5:00 PM EDT – Jun 11, 2023, 7:00 PM EDT

Transfiguration~ The Great Grand-Mothering

About the event

What does the word “transfiguration” mean?  The word “transfiguration” comes from the Latin roots of trans- (“across”) and figura (“form, shape”). 

It thus signifies a change of form or appearance. 

In the context of our event, we explore the expereince of one's core presence and essence, as it unfolds through the Shift of All Ages.


The story unfolds...

From the Embers of the Age now passing before us… 

As the time of ignition is upon us 

The next Aeon & Age will alight within us 

As Golden Glistening Seeds Burst Forth  From the New Tree of Light….

Quickening us   

The Song of the Universe Rings Out... 

beckoning us to listen to the call of 

“The Great Grand-Mothering”, 

a Welcoming Home for Us ALL.


KA’ryna SH’ha welcomes you to enter The Immaculate Heart of your true nature. 

A space of profound simplicity, where our innermost wisdom resides as a pure blessing 

…Are you ready to receive it?

Guide and host KA'ryna SH'ha, along with a team of extraordinary space upholders will share:

* Emanations of Divine Grace & Radiant Light,

* Messages of the Universal Oversoul,

* Sacred Sonics and Harmonics of the Heart 

* Blessings and Beatitudes of the Breath of Light

Offering you a revelatory unfoldment of the heart, to align with your purest intent in Presence, Purpose, & Power.

* By $ Medicine Money gift donation

* Transmissions available for replay 

* Want to come, but can't join in person?

 ... Just register and your presence will be included

Part One: Sat June 10, 2023  5-7pm 

Transfiguration of the Heart... Igniting the Heart-Flame of Love.

Restoration of the original intent of creation.

Restoring Proper Spin...

* The 7 Mountain Meditation

* The 7 Seeds of Love, 

* 7 bodies of Being, 

* 7 Gates of Love

What is shared…

Attuning Our Primary Instrument:

  • Like a tuning fork, the body can be tuned to different  frequencies,” including that of Source, through DNA activation.
  • Many indigenous traditions of Mesoamerica believe that  [Source Divine] emits a frequency or tone known as 'Ge' that not only heals the body-mind-spirit but some say provides immortality.
  • The spiritual practices used in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and Greece employed a variety of, vibrational tools to attunepeople's DNA to Source Presence.
  • This caused the DNA to ring, sing or vibrate so that it resonated with the tone of Ge–the frequency of Galactic Heart Center.
  • This attunement activates a San Graal or Song Grail–a “love song in the blood”–creating a rainbow bridge, therefore synchronizing our consciousness with Source.
  • This love song energetically unites Heaven (Galactic Center) with Earth (body-being), opening our hearts and pumping crystallized Ge-tuned blood through our body and being.

The Message:

I am the Witness 

I am the quietude 

I am the voice of the voiceless  

rest abide becalm thy heart, 



gentle is the way through  

all the that is enfolding  

and unfolding  

before thee,  

within thee,  

and through thee.   

I AM the Nameless, 



Light of All Light.

Part Two: Sun june 11, 5-7pm

"The Great Grand-Mothering… Cradling of the Heart-Star 

* Immaculate Presence

* The 3 gifts of Source

* Luminous Living & Miracle Mastery

What is shared… 

“Self-Veneration”… The Invitation of Life: “Life is a Blessing, and We are its Gift.”

“Self-Elevation”… The Promise of Love: “Love will always Rise with the Light.”

“Divine Integration”The Gift of Grace… “Listen to the heart, it knows the Way home.”

The Message:

In the inner reaches of the heart a laughing child sits, 

an ancient being resides, 

natures pure blessing pours forth the radiance of a radiant being awaiting our return,

oh light of all living light, 

oh clear light, 

oh faith so pure I am here   

the word pours forth,  

the waters of life have entered into the temple of thy heart   

I sit and bathe, 

I am washed clean I have only this, 

I am only this   

my thought is thine unannounced, 

arriving arising, 

descending walking in all breath the living Spirit alive

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