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The 12 Harmonic Pillars of Creation

* 12 Moments of Clear Intention Ignition for the Coming Year.

* Reframing & Releasing All That Has Served Our Growth.

* Ancient Gifts of the Harmonic Heart Masters.

* Connect to your Super-Cluster Spark.

* Transmissions of Sacred Sound & Light-Language.


Beloved Twin Soul Partners, KA'ryna SH'ha and Gaspar Magistar have been hosting their, love-child creation event, "The 12:12 Ceremony & Celebration" for more than 20 years... and this year they have decided to offer it as an online Love Stream to you.


They are so excited to assist you, to bring your greatest intentions and invocations to life and light for 2023, as you release all that has served your hearts evolution from 2022.

Experience 12 opportunities to tune your "Harmonic Heartistry" as you stand in the center of a Circle of 12 Master Frequency Pillars of Creation.

Each one attuned to:

* An inner revelation and gift of truth awaiting your return

* Your specific harmonic acceleration point of growth and transmutation

* A clear key-tone to awaken your highest and deepest calling

* An Innermost Core Gift and Message to be returned to you

12:12 Ceremony & Lovestream... The 12 Harmonic Pillars of Creation

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