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Divine Pollination ~ Celestial Heart Sutras....Eternal awareness
Enjoy this 36 minute Overlighting Transmission that Emanates, Envelopes and Embraces us in the Eternal Awareness of the Heart... with KA'ryna SH'ha
In this profound and powerful series of Celestial Heart Circles, KA'ryna SH'ha and Special Guest Facilitators, will offer you the opportunity to "Encircle Together" with Kindred-Hearts

to collectively discover the power and presence of opening your high holy heart.

As we open unto our Immaculate Awareness in the Richness, Depth and Purity of our true nature,

we discover how simple it is to live in our true state of being…what KA’ryna calls, "Our Natural Divinity”.

“We already are everything we seek and long to be.”


* Sacred Sound… Awakening the Heart

* Calibrations and Attunements… Adjusting and Aligning  the Body Vessel

* Messages and Mantras…Activating the Higher Centers of the being

* Sacred Instruments… Actualizing and Attuning our inner Ear of the Heart

* Transmissions and Emanations… Arising in frequency, dimension, and spaceless openness in Grace

* Harmonics and Healing… Arriving and Abiding with our Ascending Power and Presence, within embodiments of our Natural Divine Light.

Divine Pollination Celestial Heart Sutra's Series : # 1 "Eternal Awareness"

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