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Harmonic Humanity Series Artwork Explanation: Awaken, align, activate, amend, arise, arrive and ascend in the luminous life-force of creation.
The 7 creation zones of harmonic humanity offer us a perspective into the restoration of the original intent of creation.
Today we begin our evolutionary anointing as we convene in council at the dawning of this new epoch.
We join in our hearts in the pure Light of Oneness, the sacred spark that connects us all! We have taken the necessary steps to realize who we are. We are ready, able and willing to emancipate and liberate our greatness for the good of all! As each conscious being decides to reconnect and reintegrate back into the portal of light contained within the divine vessel of the heart, a new archetypal reality is birthed.
Thus the emerging consciousness within each growing light body is merged and re-associated with its cosmic and divine origins.
As we realize our sacred purpose, we anoint the Holy Breath of Light in our hearts once again.

Harmonic Humanity Poster

  • Artwork Information: Harmonic Humanity Mini Poster: 5 x 17 Price: $ 11 Artwork Explanation: Uncover 7 radiant blueprints into the divine. Be Inspired and uplifted as you align the 7 divine blueprints of the bodies of being. Each Drawing contains richly layered geometries to activate your highest a deepest codes for Ascension gnosis. Body One: Emotinal Awakening : Energy in Motion, Flow What is the Gift? Am I ready to acknowledge the gift of who I AM? Allowing and Admission of our heart-space. Body Two: Physical Aligning: Foundational Perception What is the message? Am I ready to receive and give of my gifts? Arranging and Aquainting of the heart-space. Body Three: Mental Activating: Equilibrium in All Ways of Being What is the Lesson? Am I ready to fully accept my powerful nature? Actualizing and Announcing of the heart-space. Body Four: Spiritual Amending: Conception & Materialization of the Universal Constant What is the truth? Am I ready to begin anew? Arousal and Arising of the Heart-space. Body Five: Terestrial Etheric Arising: Vessel of the Divine Heart Within What is the Intent? Am I ready to fully embody the core of Creation? Annunciation and Amalgamation of the Heart-Space Body Six: Celestial Akashic Arriving: Union and Unity With All That Is Within the Within What is the plan? Am I ready to fully ennoble the core of my soul? Acclimatization and Acceleration of the holographic Heart-Space Body Seven: Light Ascending: The Holy of Holies What is the mission? Am I ready to fully actualize the core of creation? Entering the Gateway of No Reply Nesting in Numinousity Harmonic Humanity: Poster The teachings contained in each drawing are designed to build upon the next. Discover the gifts of pure light, filled with radiant love as the transformational codes of the heart unfold a path to Enlightenment, Ascension and the Embodiment of pure states of Bliss.
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