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Signed and numbered Combining hand drawn details, Digital Design and Light Layering

High Quality Digital Print on Canvas

Combining hand drawn details, Digital Design and Light Layering, High Quality Giglee Digital Print on Canvas.


artists statement:

KA’ryna SH’ha Artists Statement…I AM a Creative Conduit for Universal Energies to flow through…the designs that stream through me reflect a multi- blossoming of the scent and vapor of the spirit of each creation.

Each work of art is intent and alive with a wishing to germinate our consciousness into a deeper awareness of the intrinsic presence in all things and the higher cognition of a vast nature and mysterious essence pervading all dimensions in All Ways.


I experience this process as a receiver and transmitter of multiple bandwidths of divine in-formation that are constantly pouring in signals.


Each signal represents a voice of deep and profound wisdom being directed by a higher calling of its ignition and initiating point.


I can expand the bandwidth for a diffused vapor of sound, design and light or narrow it down to laser like precision depending on what is being asked of each creation.In doing so, each artistic expression and creation forms itself and is sentient and alive with the presence of its maker…“The Divine Constant”.


I Am a diviner, midwife and medium for the birth of itself into this dimension.


I am asked to direct the channel and flow and in turn being directed by a flow of Divine Consciousness simultaneously….Creator and Creation playing in Harmony together.


The Design Divination Creative Process:


KA’ryna is not a typical graphic designer or artist.


Her offerings emerge from the heart of her spiritual and scared well of wisdom. In each of her designs she is exploring the inception point of its unfoldment…how it arrives, comes into form and is present for us all to witness and experience.


When she is in creation mode she becomes a conduit for the Muses or Devas (inspirations) that surround each Design.


These designers in higher and deeper dimensions are her consultants who assist in the shaping and constructing of the creation.As such KA’ryna becomes a channel and antennae that picks up the subtle frequencies of each design construction and conception.

In her process she allows the natural flow of each artistic expression to emerge from its place in the cosmos.

Therefore each design can take many days to meditate upon and then many more hours to show up upon the canvas of her creativities.She does not rush the flow, she moves along with it to its desired destination.Artist and Metaphysician:Looking deeply into the unified field of divine perception, KA’ryna SH’ha deciphers the super-conscious codes of creation to form an exquisite work of art.


Like sacred mirrors, they allow us to embrace our divine essence from a whole new perspective.


KA’ryna’s designs are slices of cosmic consciousness in ratios of radiance, to open up multi-dimensional aspects of the receiver (you).They transmit a fractal language of phi ratio proportions in sacred you go higher and deeper in levels of your own Mastery.


KA’ryna’s artworks are an expression of her teachings, healings, and are an ultimate doorway and extension of the facets of her multi-dimensional being!

They emanate the colors of her radiant heart and transmit the sacred languages of her Ascended Essence.


Grandmother Speaks Grand Mother Speaks... (2016) A Grand Glorified Wave

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