Bring Your Life to Light

With KA'ryna's SH'ha's Offerings of The Heart

An Invitation, Promise and Gift to You...  
Discover Profound and Simple Pathways 
TO IGNITE THE "Heart and Spirit" OF YOUR Being
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Grandmother Speaks

 * A collection of the writings, teachings, transmissions, artistry, videos and recordings of KA’ryna SH’ha  the voice and conduit of GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah  Click here 

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* Private Sessions and Public Transmissions of The Golden Light of Grace.
* Teacher-Guidance in Enlightenment and Ascension 

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* Spiritually  Based Writing's Exploring the “Revelations of the 13 Golden Codes
of  Creation through the Libraries of Liberation”

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* Transmissions of KA’rynas Teachings 

* Tele-Summits,

* Tele-Seminars
* Live Events
* Ceremonial Concerts

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* She has served as "Metta-Morphic Mentor" to World-Renowned Leaders and International Spiritual Communities for over 25 Years

* She has created a series of Award-Winning Artworks, Illustrations and Fractal Art Collages to accompany her teachings...
Culminating in
"Opening the Libraries of Liberation"

An exploration of:
* The 13 Golden Codes
* The 3 Gifts of Source
* Harmonic Humanity
* Luminous Leadership
*Ascension Harmonics

*She has recorded several profoundly moving Sacred sounding transmissions designed to catalyze and uplift the heart.

* The Diamond Heart
* Illuminating the Shadow
(Amrita Nectar of the Goddess)
*Ascension Goddess Weaving's


* Along with her Beloved Twin flame Gaspar Magistar she has held Ceremonial Gatherings, Concerts and Satsangs to share in the Heart-Field of Enlightenment and Ascension through Grace.
Her breathtaking multi-sensory and immersive events  have transported Global Audiences  into realms of pure bliss!

* Through the Voice of her Beloved Heart-flame she brought forth the the Sacred Wisdom of the Goddess of the White Lotus known as:
"GrandMother Speaks-The Oversoul Dialogues
“she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being"

A collection of:

* Writings 

* Teachings 


* Artistry 

* Videos

* Recordings

In her Own words...


"As we grow and mature, we begin to appreciate more deeply our true essence and power.

By acknowledging the gift of who we truly are, we consecrate ourselves with the Living Breathing Essence of Love.


Once again we are offered the opportunity to return to our Sovereign, Noble and Divine origins... to be Enlightened Luminaries of Ascendant Living."

KA'ryna SH'ha
The voice of "GrandMother Speaks"
Is an Internationally Acclaimed Wisdom Teacher,
Award Winning Multi-Media Artist,
Author, Sacred Choral Singer and
Master of Ascended Consciousness Principles.
Known as Grandmother AH’LU’ Sha’Mah,  KA’ryna is a “Master Shambhala Byung Tau” Spiritual Teacher of Advanced Metaphysics offering the "Sacred Gateways of the Heart Masters" realizing permanent states of Harmonic Consciousness.

KA’ryna’s 3 near death experiences have shaped the loving essence of her Ascended Heart Teachings. 
Her Live transmissions are expressed through a diverse range of ceremonial performances & sacred musical arts. 

KA’ryna’s abundant gifts are derived from a lifelong devotion to connect humanity with our cosmic and spiritual roots of Presence through the Heart of fully embodied Love.

KA'ryna has been a guest of:

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* Divination Oracles

* Illuminated artworks  *Lightboxes,
* Clothing,

*home décor and more. 

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Art Gallery

* "AH'suna Arts":

*Divine by Design, *
Conscious Creations, 
*Art Shows,

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* Sacred Geometry Centerpiece Chambers for Ceremonies & Celebrations
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Bringing together:
*visual media,
*spoken heart-language, *inspirations and illuminations, *metamorphic transmissions, * healing/harmonizations,

*sacred instrumentation

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Messages from the Ascended Heart

of Feminine Presence

​All Wisdom :

" All wisdom lies at the doorway of Love and willingness be the key to unlock its mysteries. "​

-KA'ryna SH'ha

Messages from the Ascended Heart

of Feminine Presence

What is the “Mother” of all questions aching for answers in your heart?
Listen and be still….be present with the radiant core of your essential nature.
Sit and be… let yourself be nurtured by a field of sustenance that feeds the heart of your awakened wisdom.
Allow the voice of your ecstatic bliss to fill you with the magnetic calling of your complete divine treasury. 


The ancient well of the feminine waters of wisdom rises up and calls forth the depths of our embodied light…The tide of profound Luminous Leadership is rising, As Women and Men everywhere awaken to the Light of their own True Nature.

KA'ryna's Message to you…

“Accept the Invitation of Life”…

Be embraced and held in the Power of Love and Receive!

“Acknowledge the Promise of Love”…

Be aligned within the radiant core of Truth and Restore!

“Actualize the Gift of Grace”…

Be stilled by the Power in Presence and Rise!

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Oct 2016-2018:  

World-wide launch: Writings and teachings from “GrandMother Speaks... the Over Soul Dialogues", with over 46 Spiritual Essays and 25 world-wide events.


April 2015–Feb 2016:

Twin Flame Ascension Codex Transmissions online and in person events for the Bagua Center in Miami Florida.


May 1st-July 22 2015:

Launched of Global Heart Attunement for Harmonising ``Waters of the World`.`


April 22nd 2015:

Earth Day  Global Heart Attunement for the Bagua Center in Miami florida.


April 3 -4th 2015:  

“Hearts Across the World” Global Heart Attunement, opening ceremonies -worldwide ceremony.


Nov 11 2014:  

United Nations Veterans Day: Sound Ceremonialist and Meditation Leader for a "Divine Mother" Global Heart Attunement.


July 3rd -18th 2014:  

2014 Boulder Colorado Starhouse: Masters Gathering for the 777 bringing together a team of visionary leaders.


“KA'ryna SH’ha has a unique and powerful gift.

The connection with her spirit guides is undeniable.

Her ability to channel energy through her intuition and higher consciousness has empowered me with vision and wisdom.

I recommend KA'ryna to anybody seeking serious focus and direction in their day to day lives as well as healing of the soul and body.  Her perceptions are unmatched in any other human I have ever met in my lifetime."

Irving Garten,
International, historic preservationist
Mayer International

When I first met KA'ryna SH’ha, I didn't really know what to expect. The moment she opened her mouth and started singing, tears fell down my face.
There was a sense of familiarity in that tone, a feeling of coming back home. I say meeting GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah is not for beginners on the path. Looking into her eyes and seeing Truth mirroring back to you is really powerful.


Working with her helped me to open up my throat to expression, I learned the magnetism of my open heart, and how it really feels to be whole and present. There is nowhere to go though, you will be seen.

Looking at a mirror of my soul. This is how I experience GrandMother. The frequency of Truth delivered through her voice moves the stuck energy within my body. It's simple and effective. With her I learned to create with my heart, to open my throat to express my gifts and to access deep emotions to be released.

-Clarissa Vaz de MagalhãesVisionary

at Deconstructing Cliches

Escola Cristo Redentor - Academia

All rights reserved 2006-2018 ...  

KA'ryna's offerings are intended for your edification and elucidation. ​

Contact: 303 472 3506

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