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The Invitation, The Promise & The Gift
The Power of Presence, In The Presence of Our Power


This is my message,
I made a vow and a promise at the beginning of this incarnation

at the beginning of it All…


To your soul

To the one world soul

To the soul of this planetary consciousness

To my soul families

To the spirit of "All That Is"

…To serve as a living breathing invitation into the presence of the
All That Is.

I made a prior agreement to come into a human form…

* To shine, glow and radiate the presence of All That Is
* To feel all feelings that arise and subside in each moment of wholeness and separation
* To falter and fall from grace and lose the way, grow dim and dark and be separate from All That Is
* To awaken and experience the full glory, magnificence and beauty of each moment in presence
* To show up and be of support for the sustenance and nurturance of all awakening
* To arise and arrive at the gateway of being empty of any preconceived notion of what is to be done

* To walk through that gateway into the Grace that surpasses all understanding

….and simply breathe the breath of the Divine.


I made a commitment at the beginning...

of all plains of existence

of all dimensions of awareness

of all fields of consciousness witness and observe the many spheres

of interconnecting symmetries.

I vowed to come to share a vision of the interwoven mysteries...

a sacred inner truth within

a deep inner knowing within

a profound inner wisdom within us all

a common thread

... the inexplicable, intangible and incorruptible nature interpenetrating through us all.

I made a promise and prior agreement to meet up with all aspects of creation, 

and be a coherent confluence of consciousness…

no matter how it may appear to this being or others
no matter how it may look to the naked eye
no matter how easy or difficult it is


…to see it through until its completion and culmination is done.

I came here to…





…to model, exemplify, and embody a way of being that is in tune and harmony with
All That Is

Every day, in every breath, in every moment of my life
is dedicated to this...
I rise and I falter
and I continue
it is not always easy
but it is simple...
I bless every part of the journey
even if I would like it to be different
In my Heart I know there is a Gift to be found
in every lesson learned."



This is the offering of my heart

This is the blessing of my being

This is the message of my soul
This is who I Am…
This is the Gift I offer to you now



Discover the Gift Inside of you...

The "Love of All That Is",
offers everything to the one who will remain true to the Self within the Divine.
It is impervious to any form of machination or manipulation.

This Divine and Powerful Presence ,
expresses wisdom in countless myriad ways and dimensions. 
It is Omnipresent which means it exists in
All Dimensions, All Space and All Timelines….
It "IS" Eternal, Infinite, and at the very core of All Creation
and therefore "Divinely Pre-exists" before anything ever manifests into any form.

What does That mean?...
That everything no matter how it appears to us in our life

is filled with a radiant awareness
Assisting us to Awaken To the Truth At our Core.

Ever so deep and expansive are its offerings.
With only a tiny droplet of its profound “Nectar of Wisdom”
we would come to understand and know the true nature of our very existence
and never ever doubt ourselves again!

Are You Ready…
To Acknowledge the Gift of who you truly are?
To Receive and Give of your Gift’s?
To Actualize the Vehicle of Your Being?
Take Command of the very Consciousness that Creates all Dimensions of Reality?



“Whether in Circle with Grandmother,
a Private Session or in our quiet moments of resonance as Beings of Light,  KA'ryna brings through the energies which allow us all to rise up and feel the True Self within us. 

Our communications, have brought me to a new place of honesty within myself that had been locked away since birth and feared of being seen and felt.
Now it is weaving its threads into the hearts of all."

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 
International, Water Wisdom preservationist


Clarissa 2.jpg

When I first met KA'ryna SH’ha, I didn't really know what to expect. The moment she opened her mouth and started singing, tears fell down my face.

There was a sense of familiarity in that tone, a feeling of coming back home.
I say meeting GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah is not for beginners on the path.


Looking into her eyes and seeing Truth mirroring back to you is really powerful.


Working with her helped me to open up my throat to expression, I learned the magnetism of my open heart, and how it really feels to be whole and present. There is nowhere to go though, you will be seen.

Looking at a mirror of my soul. This is how I experience GrandMother.
The frequency of Truth delivered through her voice moves the stuck energy within my body. It's simple and effective.
With her I learned to create with my heart, to open my throat to express my gifts and to access deep emotions to be released.


-Clarissa Vaz de Magalhães
at Deconstructing Cliches

Escola Cristo Redentor - Academia

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