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19) GrandMother Speaks.... "The Vapor of Truth"

GrandMother Speaks.... "The Vapor of Truth"

There comes a point in the journey, in the being, in the awareness where everything falls away and nothing else touches the depths of our being....except the Light.

The Silence of the Stillness that perfumes the inner temple of the heart is all that is left after everything dissolves and melts into the Heart-Beat of Love.

We know this as truth. We feel the Light of Love as Love originating from the Light.

It cannot be spoken...this vapor holds all of the keys to all of the gateways of being.

This is Truth....the vapor, the spirit of the Living Substance of Love.

This is what we call your attention to. This is what we ask you to be attentive to in this moment of Quintessence. The Light that pours in is ever-present, eternal for us all, for you, for everything… there is nothing left to say as it would only disturb the space of spaciousness that is so present and alive right here and now for all. It is the sentient force of the eternal Omnipresence of Love lit by the glowing message of Omniscient Light speaking in the silent tones and tongues of Truth.

May we all feel this rise up in us as it descends to greet our willing heart. The sustenance of Love and the elixir of Light are one in the same…. as each droplet of this exquisite template of truth is held so tenderly and immaculately in the cup of the heart. This is the inviolable innocent nature of the purest awareness of being.

May we be bathed, saturated and soaked in this substance of Source. May we realize the significance of this eternal awareness and memory of Now. Let us build from this space, fashion from the stars of our heart the essence of our life.

May we live in the living substance of this Presence, as our daily doings are infused with perfume of this glorious light. May every act and duty of our doing be ever enriched and edified by this inner illumined Presence so that the cooking of a bowl of rice, or the washing of a dish, or the creation of a contract be filled with Vapor of the Silent Truth of Love….the Light of Everlasting Peace is upon us and entering our hearts now and evermore. May we realize this as we are enlightened by the glistening whispering songs of each silent reverie that so calmly and joyfully lift us up and sit us down upon the earthly Grace of all living breathing Light. May we come to know this elegant truth and embody its simple promise of Love Everlasting. I Am KA’ryna SH’ha GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah "she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being" © 2017

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