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11:11 The 11th Blessing of Life..."Mastery"

Mastery: Center your heart as the light shines through. Unveil the riches of your being let the treasury of your Sovereign, Noble and Divine nature be known. The way will be made plain for all to see. You are the Gardener of Dreams, the Wise Sage of Passageways, and the Wayshower of Unknown Mysteries. You hold nothing dear for everything is free to arrange its own becoming. Arriving and leaving as you stand in solemn praise for the passing of all time through eternity. You sit as a child in playful emptiness, smiling at the exhaustion one feels at every attempt to claim a thing as their own. You are a fluid being; you have lived and you have learned, you have grown and you have matured, nothing affects the equilibrium of your internal poise.

Sacred waters run through your heart-field, their liquid vapor carrying the dreaming’s of your skill. You have done the doing and are done doing…when the river runs you are carried along in it streams of effervescence. When it is still... you wait and watch. When it twists and turns in rapid expression.... you dance upon the surface laughing at the cosmic currents of change.

When it falls over rocks carrying great expanses of electric surges through your soul…you gently surrender to the thunderous sound of liquid power meeting ancient stone. * You have traveled many pathways to stand here naked at one with the maker of all design. * You have dissolved your personal preferences into the deep great quiet within.

Love is your calling, the mission is complete…there is only the ministering of a humble cherishing sigh. All is done and everything is open to reply with the silent witnessing of a deep reverent peace. What can be said?…when silence supplies the immeasurable praise of all life. Gardener of Great Souls: We gaze into the dawn and see all good things whether anyone is capable of noticing them. It’s simple to sing the song of eternal remembrance, eventually yielding the ancient secrets of the Gardener of Great Souls. The Star-Seeds are planted in places where few will venture. Yet that is exactly where you sit and gaze…watching the glowing emblems of the flourishing flowering heart germinating all ways of being. Whether this lifetime or not… will the blossoms be seen? The seeds still need to be planted. You have mastered the skill of patience, preparing the way for so many to follow…yet knowing that as each attempts the way through they must first align to the heavenly star of infinite secrets. Mastery is first and foremost the mastering of the heart to let love be the guiding principle of all action in the form.

Consecrate and Cultivate your inner life as a friend who quietly sits and listens to the stories of our concerns without judgment or care. Who sweetly gathers up our tales of woe and gently blows them to winds… and with a knowing gaze of warmth and tenderness wipes away our tears. Be a friend to yourself when no one is there...It’s easy to see divine perfection in sublime imperfection. The Master knows how to love Every-Thing that is false and unforgivable… The Master says, “I cannot show you how to become, I can only be completely who I AM.”


Sacred Practice:

The Seeds of Awareness…Mastery of The Elements. “All that you are, is everything you need”.

We already have everything we require to grow, blossom and bear fruit. From an acorn to the mighty oak…. all of the instructions needed for its germination into the whole are contained in the seed of the infinite mystery of “knowing beyond knowing”. *We are asked to provide the right atmosphere within for its optimal growth.

*We are asked to cultivate faith…which is trust in “the infinite plan” unfolding backwards and forwards from the completion of the Oak to the sowing of the Acorn. Already available yet not readily seen…Each step in growth and maturation, from germination to bearing fruit is a trust walk in “Mastery of the Elements”. How is it that some gardens are plentiful and sustain many crops over time while others show a meager yield even after bursts of growth? -Those that align themselves within with the natural and infinite forces of “goodwill to all” will yield the greatest results. Those that seek glory and gain for self only; may have temporary success, but will never attain long-term fulfillment. Why is it that the fruits and vegetation of one garden are sweet and delicious while others are pulpy, tasteless and often rotten inside? -The quality of the yield, growth and maturation of any garden is dependent upon the attitude of its cultivation. In other words… if it is grown with care and love it will often manifest the most delicious results. If it is manifested within alignment of the elements in all of creation, it will be abundant with the spirit of the Grower and Cultivator. But if it is grown without the care and concern for its well-being; but only for the largest amount of the yield, the quality of the produce will sufferer. It will lack the spirit of the grower. The gardener must defer to the elements and they will in turn offer up the secrets of the universe. The Master is the Master Gardener, Cultivator and Mediator between the Infinite and the Immediate.

* Those that have faith in the infinite plan contained in the seeds of their knowing…will germinate, blossom and bear fruits of Greatness! * Those that develop the right attitude within and trust the gifts of the heart by surrendering their will to the elements…Will discover the mysteries and secrets of universe! * Those that demonstrate great care and concern with love for the well-being of themselves and others for the good of all…Will always be provided for in All Ways! * Those that tend the seeds of their greatness with gentle, loving patience and persistence for the mere joy of being…Know the truth that can never be spoken. This is wealth, this is health, this is well-being. “Wise are they that listen before speaking, consider before creating and observe before acting…for they are masters of each moment, in every moment, in every way!”


Your Practice: to draw up the breath and feel the Seeds of Greatness awaiting your command….plant them in the Garden of your Heart. Fertilize and water each seed of knowing with the Faith of Grace… trust your place in the grand plan and let your shine forth as you release your breath outwards. Place your hands on your heart and pause…thank and bless, thank and bless, thank and bless, this moment and all moments in which you are here and alive with Infinite Love for the Good of All.

Consider this… * Be gentle with the self and all others, hold them in your highest regard…in other words Uphold the Truth of your being as Sacred. Contemplate this… * Be not concerned for results but for the quality and content of your soul….cooperate with the elements and they will cooperate with you. They know secrets that you do not! One day these secrets will reveal themselves to you in the quiet resilience of your heart. Cultivate this.. * Develop Compassion, Understanding and Love for self and all others…trust the plan, you are not privy to all of the mysteries that are unfolding within you and before you. One day you will look back and realize that each step was designed and coordinated for yours and the greater good of All. Remember this… * “All That I Am Is Everything That Is”…. No words needed just let this statement resonate through your whole being!


Invocation: It is simple…but not always easy….just Love what you resist…and then Love it more.


Affirmation: “I AM That I AM”…(what else is there, but more Love to Love?)


Sacred Syllables: “Wey’Hah,Maha,‘Tey ‘AH,Hum”

Wey’: Path to the Infinite (An Infinite Unit of Measurement)

Hah: Unfolding in Joy

Maha: Germinate Greatness ‘Tey: To the One (A Great Measurement) AH’: Divine Love Hum: Cultivated in the Heart

All Together: Path to the Infinite… Unfolding in Joy… Germinate Greatness… To the One… Divine Love… Cultivated in the Heart. Bring the primal, universal, and infinite vibration into one's heart and being, and into one's awareness…“Stability and Eternity in Harmony”.

Many, Many Blessings Dear Ones,

I AM KA'ryna SH'ha

GrandMother AH'LU'SHa'Mah

("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being")


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