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34) GrandMother Speaks… Offering Her Wisdom Now…

Preface...This morning I awoke to a deep anxiety caught in my body. The quaking and shivering of a system overload. I had had enough, no more room for the occupying force of dismay…I was waking tired from too many sleepless fretting nights. Something inside surfacing old patterns, memories and trauma. My body and being crying for release…painful joints and achy muscles sending messages of the tightening grip of unresolved stress. A torrent of tears dissolved into revelations of the deep sensitivity and empathy I carry in my intuitive wiring. The immaculate nature of my ever-present soul was silently holding my heart whispering, “go on and let it flow through”. As I yield and concede to the flow of deep-felt awareness flowing through my emotional body everything becomes still and whole. There is the soothing medicine of stillness after the storms of life moves through…The soil of self, washed clean by acknowledging and witnessing our inner unspoken truth. My thoughts at that time were centered on particular questions evolving in the moment, while my inner knowing revolved around something much deeper and mysterious in my heart….An unnamed presence that rises and awakens gifts still unopened and unclaimed.

Epiphany of The Heart Implosion of the Soul

GrandMother Speaks… Offering Her Wisdom Now If you knew everything, had knowledge of all things coming to pass, had every question answered would it make life easier and better? Like the wouldbe“Bridegroom To Be”, preparing his speech for the moment of commitment, his excited and nervous fingers twirling the ring held in the breast pocket of his heart. On bended knee he asks the question meeting her gaze with trepidation and longing. Will she accept his proposal?

You may consult your portends, augurs and oracles... they will only give glimpses of possible futures. The answers you seek lie in your ever-present core truth. Evolving and moving through every moment alive and aligned with the Gift of Grace.

So dear heart we ask you this….will you accept life’s proposal?...on bended knee, before your loving essence, the gift of the unknown and ever-masterful hand of the immediate and immaculate mastery of creation is offered to you now. Can you even imagine and conceive of what you have already within your command? Calm your jittery nerves with the fullest knowledge that something bigger and greater than your little will is ready to offer its fullest support in heart. In truth it already is…but now it makes itself known to you because you asked to rise fully and take command of the vehicle of all being. The risk you take now is full exposure of your natural and essential being…from the release of external contracts and conditions demanding control over your life. Your purpose and destiny is shaped now by the inner gifts and forces of you true nature.

Did you come here to play it safe? Even as safety is a big concern for many. You were built into a flexible, self-generating self-aware vehicle. Your spirit, the vapor of your immaculate, intact, and immutable nature is eternal. “Faith be thy name and glory be the shining light the fills all space with Love”.

We say this in all loving praise for the gift of your grace, “When you ask without the need to know, but only from the purest place of your innocent heart. It shall be answered. For the answer has already been there awaiting your heart’s request.” The truth of Love and the act of requesting for something in hand is already fulfilled, because you are its request and its answer returned. The gifts you long to receive already exist within you awaiting your awareness of how to bring them to Life. You have the same capacity of the Source of All Creation; through all of your creative actions, awaiting your command. By the intuition of your imagining feeling heart, fulfilled in the exuberant potency alive in every moment in every breath you breathe…. you are capable of many great things. Knowing this by putting this into action, and applying this practice though every breath you breathe, you enliven and quicken the steadying flow of Source Supreme's Grace upon your life. What seem like miracles ever-flowing becomes daily natural occurrences. If you but slow down and quiet your questioning logic, revelations will flow through. The supernatural will become natural as dormant qualities awaken and Enlightened and Ascended Presence comes online to take command of the Essence of your true Self. Everything that you have been up to this point will gently dissolve and enfold in the Loving Gaze and Grace of the Heart of All Peace at the core of all Harmonious and Holy living...

Our Offering To You...

If you wish to have a direct experience come and sit awhile in the Loving Gaze of our Heart to Yours. We offer this Gift of GrandMother’s Council gently and openly to all. Are you Ready to sit in the Presence and Praise of the glistening Grace of your Beautiful Heart?

Many, Many Blessings Dear Ones, I AM KA'ryna SH'ha GrandMother AH'LU'SHa'Mah ("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being") ©-2017

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