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The 7 Miracles Of Life

1) The First Miracle: “The Miracle of Love”…Being In Tune (Awareness)

- Freedom to choose what is good for our own life. - How we see and perceive, feel and intuit what is true in our own hearts. - How we choose is who we are.

Invocation: Love is Communion with a Divine Purpose to attune us and return us to the Whole.

I AM Affirmation: I Am Here I Am Loved, I AM Whole I Am Loving, I AM Home I Am Love.

2) The Second Miracle: “The Miracle of Wisdom” …Having Perspective (Discernment)

- Freedom of awareness of how each choice affects the next. - Understanding how everything is interconnected. - Understanding the experience of our choices as we see how things evolve into a story, by witnessing our own part of the story. - We change the story with perspective.

Invocation: Wisdom comes from Living the Life of our choices and understanding the experience of them fully. Wisdom is embodiment of the “Word Made Flesh” …the action of our intent to do so.

I AM Affirmation: I AM only as wise as my capacity to empathize, and understand compassionately the life choices of myself and others in relationship to the whole.

3) The Third Miracle: “The Miracle of Harmony” …Coming Into the Natural Flow (Listening)

- Freedom to listen to what is vibrating within our heart and through our soul. - Everything is vibrating at a particular frequency or tone. - We listen deeply by quieting ourselves…stilling our mind and relaxing our body allows us to hear the particular tone and frequency we carry. - How to be a clear conduit=(receiver and transmitter). - Keeping the inner core clean and clear.

Invocation: When I still my being deep enough I can hear the voice of God, the Universe and All.

I AM Affirmation: I AM the listener who sits at the Gate of Grace waiting to hear the Harmonies as my heart attune’s itself with the Divine.

4) The Fourth Miracle: “The Miracle of Thought or Intent” …The Power of Presence, The Presence of Power (Focussing and Focalizing)

- Freedom to Focus and Focalize (bring into focus) our Intent. - Every-thing is alive and responsive, responding to, listening to and seeing us. - Every-thing; whether we realize it or not is filled with intent, potential, potency awaiting our attention and focus. - We create and are creators of the reality we live in. - How to focus our attention inward to clearly intend what we to create. -Before action there is attention.

Invocation: By refining the signal that is sent through my being I focus my attention inward and begin to actualize the Power and Presence of Soul’s Purpose.

I AM Affirmation: I Am a Magnetic Master and Conscious Conduit, who refines the calling of my soul, receives messages of how to bring my gifts to the world and transmits them through the clear light of my focused intent.

5) The Fifth Miracle: “The Miracle of Energy” …Being and Doing (Alignment of the will “Creating and Manifesting”)

- Freedom to act : with “Love”, “Wisdom”, “Harmony” and “Clear Intent”. - When the first 4 Miracles are in alignment within then we act. - Being is the action of Intent sent inward to come into alignment with our higher power. - Doing is the action of the intent made manifest externally. - Before any-thing is formed, there is the intent or direction of the will upon the formless=Energy. - Being before doing. - When some-thing is created it is first intended (imagined) and then formed. - Every-Thing is simply Energy and Energy is simply In-formation (lining up to form). - Energy=Vibration. - We cause the formless=energy to vibrate at a particular frequency=oscillating wave and it begins to harmonise with our predominant thought. -It then comes into focus and appears to be solid and manifests as a thing or object of our creation.

Invocation: When our Intuition (Energy) and Imagination (Creativity) aligns through the force of our Intelligence (Intent-Will) we are capable of great things.

I AM Affirmation: I AM Living the Life I Love and Loving the Life I Live.

6) The Sixth Miracle: “The Miracle of the Miracles” …Unity of Everything (Wholeness/ God / Divine)

- Freedom to realize our true nature. - Every-thing comes together and is all-ready formed in the Whole (Divine Unity of Everything), for the Whole (All of Us), through the Whole (Our Combined Intent), and by the Whole (In Divine Union with us All). - We already are every-thing we are seeking to be, do and have. - When we Unite in our Divinity we are God. - We do not need to strive towards or seek to find what we already are…every-thing comes to us. - Then we become (realize) we are the point of attraction for all things to join together (to gather and unite) in the Whole.

Invocation: All I have to do is be, breathe and trust…everything is working out for the highest and best for the good of all.

I AM Affirmation: I AM alive at the perfect place and space to realize all of who I AM. I Am at one in the many and many within the One.

7) The Seventh Miracle: “The Miracle of Light” …Life is Light= Light is Life (Revelations)

- Every-thing is Light and light is Freedom of the natural flow of all things to be as they truly are.

- Light is All Things, Infinite And Eternal…Divine Awareness of the Intrinsic (Deep-Down Central) Unity of All Things in Harmony with The Whole.

Light is = Omnipresent Omniscience Omnipotent - We are Light and life is Light. - Everything is made of Light. - We are in the name and nature of “That Which Is”. - We are “The Light”, creating with light.

Invocation: Every-thing starts with Love and is made visible with and through Light.

I AM Affirmation: I AM Light, I AM Love I AM One with ALL….I AM THAT I AM

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