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#36) GrandMother Speaks…“The 13th Harmonic of The Great Calming”

May each of you align with the inner principles of Divine Equanimity and Neutrality as the Gateway of all Gateways opens to reveal the central whirling hum of Galactic Center…where stars and star-beings are born and passed through.

An external super-galactic alignment, being reflective of the same internal processes that rapidly increase the velocity and power of expansion and elevation of humanities spiritual heart…As keys come to the inner revelations. Sharing in the Gifts of GrandMother’s Heart…

So too do we speak now of GrandMother the Universal OverSoul, ("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being") is a collective of seamlessly attuned harmonic beings, essences and gifts joined together as a radiant voice weaving the Clear-Light of Grace.

GrandMother’s messages offer an invitation to enter into the Deepest and Highest Heart of Source Divine. She Says, “We may graciously invite but we can never insist…Each being must come to listen and receive of their own volition with their Sovereign, Noble and Divine nature intact. May we continue to pour out our blessings in loving honor and grace to all life, all sentient beings, all of nature for the purpose of re-associating one to their original cause of creation….The Inception Point or Original Cause that brought forth all Presence as an Immaculate Awareness, as a Seed containing the Whole ready to germinate in All.” She whispers gently and softly, “Dear children of earth and beyond…it is simple but not always easy to appreciate and understand how to be. You have come to a place of culmination, a point of recognition and ignition as the sacred seed of Inner Truths bursts forth its contents and flood your systems with its Radiant Light. Could it be as simple as breathing into and listening deeply by allowing this Tone of Light, this Song of Creation to penetrate the density in our bodies and elevate our soul to its fullest expression?….the answer YES. By breathing the dance of this Presence awake through mudra positioning in the form and by uplifting the physiology with the sacred foods and waters of Love, you acclimatize to higher octaves of living. We are here to serve this evolutionary leap by sending forth the Clear-Light of The Golden Gifts of Grace. It is with Grace that we Arrive. It is with Grace that we Arise.”

Further to this Communication… “We have asked KA’ryna SH’ha to share this with you as she accepted this calling in her heart. Through her songs, creations, teachings, transmissions and presence we intermingle and weave our Light to reach into those ready to convene and gather for this moment of great cosmic birthing and germination. She is as much a part of this collective as you and other sentient beings are (even if they don’t realize it yet). It is only in coming together in Celestial Circles that the co-potential is magnified and there comes to pass the weaving of the collective Golden Heart of Grace….For it is in the joining of your Sovereign, Noble and Divine nature together that your fullest expression and rise occurs. Do you realize that you were divinely designed to relate and combine your gifts so to Awaken the Immaculate Radiant Power of Love together? Even as you go within and discover the power and presence within yourself first, in truth when you are ready it is meant to be shared with others. This is the highest service you can offer…to be fully realized, centered and actualized in the Heart. This process of awareness is happening all over this beloved planet in many fields of practice and expressions. Many ways and many hands make the Light Work shine.

Guardians of the Great Teachings Fro All... Numerous great guides, embodied teachers, avatars, beloved beings have come to this plain of existence to share what is called “The Good News of the Day”. They have come to advance the cause of all Causes. They bring different perspectives of the same great Promise of Lover Everlasting and Eternal Life. They bring the Gifts and Messages of how live this fully…to become the Immortal Ones who live beyond the confines of Time and Space. Yet to bring this message one must live and embody the way through. Now is the moment when all of these revelations come together en-masse…and for the collective body and embodiment of Humanity and all Sentient Life to rise up and out of the sleep of loss and separation. Wheels Within Wheels... The Celestial Cycles of wheels within wheels has arrived in the 13th Harmonic of the Great Calming. Ancient circles of wise elders knew of the tuning force of the Golden Light of Grace with 12 points of Light Harmonic Radiance around 1 central hub or column Source Point Neutrality of Divine Equilibrium. This configuration creates a stable point of Ascent to raise consciousness and all matter into its higher evolutionary path. In the center point is the “Immaculate Concept” filled with causal Forces in Source-Creation, where we reach zero point and arrive at the “Great Calming”.

The radiant and magnetic humming of OHM is found in this alignment, as all sacred mantra is designed to prepare the being or vehicle for its rise through the heavenly bodies. These mantras of spiritual symbol and sacred syllables spoken and sung attune the body to receive what is known as the “Garment of Light” or the “Cloth of Beneficence”. Woven from the non-dual rarified Source-Light of Pure Radiant Grace this Transmission of Love is passed through the veils into the High Holy heart where it is distributed throughout the radiant bodies. One is anointed with the Christos-Sophia divine Masculine and Feminine radiance of Grace…known as The Faith of Love, igniting and activating a ringing singing tone that welcomes and weaves the Golden Garment of truth revealed in the appearance of the Light Body.

The Daughter of the Dawn…The Great Calming The “Daughter of the Dawn” the planetary body which you reside upon, who is known my many names Mother Earth, Terra, GAIA-Sophia, Dìqiú (Chinese-Mandarin), Prithvī (Hindi), כדור הארץ - kadoor ha'aretz - (Hebrew) to name a few…the list is long and beautiful. She is receiving her instructions to shed light for the 13th Harmonic, The Great Calming We call her the “Daughter of the Dawn” for many reasons…having the qualities of being the daughter born at the dawn of a new incarnation of life. Her genesis is the awakening to Love, for the heart of her womb is ever fruitful and gestates great calming waves of infinite remembrance. She is alive in ways that are hard to understand. She has a heart-beat and a powerful voice. And when she needs to communicate she makes herself known and heard. Her songs are precious to us for she tells stories of the great unfoldment of life. Older and younger planetary bodies exist…but her resonance is unique in many ways. With Circles of Gatherings convening upon the heart of her womb she becomes the grandest receiver and transmitter of all of the cosmic codes waking us out of dormancy. For the pulse-beat song of her circadian rhythms receive and attune our heart-beat and generate electromagnetic pulses that open our hearts and consciousness to higher dimensions. If we are in tune and have completed the inner development we will feeling the calming waves of her songs and receive the gifts of the Luminous Living Breath of All Dimensions through our bodies. We will return to paradise and embody the calming waves of the 13th Harmonic of Everlasting Peace and Prosperity. This is the moment now…let us join together in circle and enact experience fully by embodying the Inner Truth of Everlasting Eternal Love.

We make contact with it when:

*we breathe into it

*acknowledge its Presence within us

*allow ourselves to live within it

*trust it fully and gently

*cultivate it inwardly

*let it grow and mature our soul

*awaken and arise to it and with it

*deepen our service and gifts to all

*allow it to shape and expand our life

Let us witness what opens and unfolds from this exchange of the breath of Love Everlasting.

Let us acknowledge the immaculate (perfect and intact) innocence in all experience and lift ourselves up with this.

Let us create ever-day miracles within it.

Let us live as if the supernatural is natural and awaken our fullest potential to it.

All are invited, welcomed and gifted from this…may it enrich and edify (enlighten) your very existence in every way!

As this great transition unfolds may we fully acknowledge and embrace this gift within….Living, Breathing, Creating and Playing in the vast expanse of our fullest inherent nature of Love Eternal and Everlasting.

May this come to you as a perfect prayer offered through the breadth and breath of your Living Light in all of Creation.

Many, Many Blessings Dear Ones,

I AM KA'ryna SH'ha

GrandMother AH'LU'SHa'Mah

("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being")


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