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The Invitation…The Heart Knows Truth

The Invitation… Trust devotion, our heart knows the truth…but will we listen? The language of the heart comes through feeling deeply. Presence… we have to quiet ourselves internally to hear it. The voice of the Eternal One inside us all is peaceful, radiant and filled with Grace. It speaks a language so pure and so effulgent (shining and radiant) that it requires the deepening trust of our utmost care and relaxation. The most profound regard and reconciliation with every part of ourselves known and unknown will be asked to assemble and reorder. We will be tested to the endmost until we release our need to understand what truth is and appease no more false gods of our own making. No amount of money, fame, and things will bring us any closer to the Gift awaiting our return. Yet we wander, searching aimlessly and often forcefully for answers…longing for meaning and continually running away from the very thing that is right inside of our own Imperceptible “Immaculate Heart”. Simply, elegantly and reverently; in the language of feeling, we will be gently asked to give over to the greatness that is our noble nature and surrender to the sovereign space of our clearest and most honest Presence of Peace. Get quiet and calm with yourself. Do you want to keep running around chasing after things and results the rest of your life? Or do you want to learn how to be still so they will come to you?

The Invitation is this, “you need to slow down in order to speed up”…in other words, slow down the external pushing, questioning, and needing to know the answers. Stop all the questing and searching for power and love outside of yourself. No amount of postures, mantras, affirmations, books and teachings will make a bit of difference.

Once you reach the gateway, only your stillness and silence will let you through. How? Send out your own Invitation (the signal call of love’s eternal wisdom)…to the parts of ourselves, we have disavowed, disowned, banished, rejected and denied to return home. Disavowing is an act of contrition to the external forces that attempt to control our life by debilitating our inner power and disabling our infinite capacity. We bow to the forces of external validation and cut ourselves off from the infinite source of connectivity. We shut down our intuition and slowly lose awareness of the light of our eternal. Our heart and soul understanding of the essential being grows dim and dark. We become confused lose awareness of eternal presence as we plunged into time. *In doing so we put ourselves into a continual loop of fear and survival. Disowning is an act of renunciation to the internal presence of our higher and deeper nature of pure presence. We abandon our inner integrity of truths and refined knowing. We forget and disavow the eternal and ephemeral nature of the spiritual God-Force… for the safety and security of outer physical limitations. We are schooled and trained to win in order to achieve the outer prize and accolades. We begin to believe that Love and Life are conditional and based on specific behaviours and merits rather than on permanent, transcendent and everlasting truths. *In doing so we are caught in a continual loop seeking searching and longing to find our true self.

Banishingis an act of protection to keep us safe from our own internal Struggles/Demons of shame and guilt for disavowing and disowning parts of ourselves. We set-up protective barriers around ourselves both internally and externally so we won’t feel hurt. We banish thoughts and feelings to the outer extremities of our consciousness, safe in the hope we won’t ever have to feel the pain of loss and separation. *In doing so we are caught in a continual loop of hiding from our true nature and seeking recreational releases from our internal strife. Rejecting is an act of negation refusing to see the truth of our Inherent and Infinite nature as we have been banished from feeling true genuine connectivity to the Source of our creation. We silence our authentic voice and create a false narrative to support excuses for ignoring our real feelings and deepest thoughts of awareness and life. It is the ultimate refusal of support and love from our higher and deeper source. We feel we have to make it on our own and work hard to earn a living. We may attain and achieve great things but often at the expense of our health and well-being. We often feel like frauds, hucksters and charlatans living lives of quiet desperation. We continuously devalue ourselves by propping up unhealthy and addictive behaviors. Inside we crying out for Love to come and save us from ourselves. *In doing so we are caught in a continual loop of lying and deception to support our weakest desires and motivation for Love and Relationship.

Denying is an act of desperation to keep the lie of separation going long enough so we don’t have to feel, to remember and awaken from the self-loathing rejection we have imposed upon our Eternal Nature. For some, reality is reduced to “analysis paralysis”, to what can be experienced through the senses…”We exist and there is nothing spiritual or sacred about us or life.” For others Religious fervor and fascist dogma feed our false sense of righteousness. The living breathing life of Earth becomes nothing more than a resource to use for our need and greed. When we are cut-off completely, we become paranoid and authoritarian living in tribal factions of right and wrong, good and bad. We fight over patches of soil and resources. We create systems of death and entropy in closed systems that destroy life and limit growth and well-being. We create empires and feudal systems to protect the rich and powerful demi-gods. We classify and divide classes, sexes, creeds religions and beliefs. As long as we can keep the illusion going we can keep deluding ourselves into believing we are happy with the way things are. The truth is our ultimate enemy; anyone’s truth that contradicts our own is the enemy. We look to false gods and false leaders to guide us. We often are easily misled and can become gullible pawns in the capricious whims of life. We constantly needing validation and are addicted to gratification to fill our empty hearts and souls. *In doing so we are caught in a continual loop repeating the same patterns of war and violence wreaking destruction and disharmony for all. There is a way Through....Grace! The Grace of all-Being arises to align and unify our awakening into this awareness. Awareness of the “Dark Con” that has clouded consciousness of itself and plagued humanity long enough. A deception that has kept hidden the true wealth and holy source of each being.

We must come to a reckoning and resurgence of the infinite unbinding of our conditioning to fully acknowledge "The Gift of Who We Truly Are".

We have to be ready to witness, accept and embrace with the fullest love what we have done to harm and hurt ourselves. Knowingly or unknowingly we have cut off parts of ourselves from the whole and decreased our energetic capacity for growth and completion. Once again we say… "Bring forth the welcoming call of Love and be prepared for the reunion of lifetimes of stored energy awaiting its release” …and be prepared to wait gently, keep repeating the gentle loving welcoming call. Invite innocently and ask softly, grow calm, and open your heart with the deepest regard and presence for the walking wounded parts of your being hidden in the dimensions of Unified Essence. They only ask to be seen as they truly are, gift bearers of the unseen, untold and untapped treasures of wisdom, waiting to be opened and realized.

Unified Essence?....what does this mean? When we attempt to get rid of, turn away from or cut off from parts of ourselves may we devalue or disown our value and worth. These parts that are deemed to be less than are held seamlessly within a Unified Essence of our being until at such a time we are capable of realizing and receiving their value once again. Our Whole Self is held in a solution of Unified Essence or a Holy Vision that remains intact and untouched by any outside force. As we progress in our awareness of the purest essential nature of Source and Self we come in contact with the deepest places of our primordial nature ….that cross timelines, lifelines, lineages, ancestral memories, and karmic coding’s. Sub-conscious and subatomic patterns that form through each beings soul that bring forth continual loops of experiences, until at last we come into the pure heart of Love. In this process of reconciliation we access the superluminal (faster than the speed of light) qualities of Omni-Presence found in the body of light and return and attune to our highest and deepest nature to restore our fullest capacity. So it is with the awakening…the call is put forth deep into the deepest strata of all foundations of being, our wholly unified being. The call to bring forth all that we have hidden away in the cupboards of consciousness, in vaults and treasuries and trusts. We must ask gently, to feel the arrival of the whispering songs of radiant and fierce Grace.

Feel the calm soothing song of silence lead you into the stillness as The Key of Life gently opens the gateway. Once again the message in the invitation is…“you need to slow down in order to speed up”

Slow down everything inside of you and come into the “Unified Essence” breathe and be instilled by the calming waves of silent praise. The liquid solution of Golden Love is the perfume of Omni-Presence…the Love of All That Is. The geometries of truth move through the mysteries informing our mind with an everlasting glow. We see through the divine eye the one golden key of creation that opens all.

May the Holy Heart always remain true unto to its utmost innermost Self. The Self within the All! We may never see it…it moves too fast for the naked. Yet the eye of the heart envisions and sees through all veils to the heart of all truths. Let the eyes of the Heart unveil the truth we have always Known... The Invitation Arrives As we All Arise!

I AM KA'ryna SH'ha GrandMother AH'LU'Sha MAH

("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being") ©-2017

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