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Grace above Grace, Peace within Peace and Life in Wholeness to the One

Being In The ALL, Immanence and Radiant Beauty in Harmonic Resonance with Grace above Grace, Peace within Peace and Life in Wholeness to the One During inner stillness and solitude of renewal and loving presence I have come to the awareness of the innate wonder and simplicity in awe. I marvel at the wondrous nature of being…. There is such an inherent calm honoring in accepting the peace of joy. There is a benevolent cause always working in our highest good. A benevolent cause beyond the little reasoning mind trying to figure it all out. There is a mystery in the mysteries that can only be felt in the heart… Something is being prepared for us prior to our arrival. Our cooperation is asked.

We are given a myriad of choices that eventually lead to the same destination…each option yields specific tuning's in awareness. Different journeys to accomplish the same outcome. Each way will eventually be explored until the soul of presence has accumulated the required/desired experience, until our maturation and fruition is complete. The higher vision of our soul’s spirit and the deeper calling of our embodied presence is a noble science of truth awaiting our heart. But first we must prepare the vehicle of our being to receive.

We must remember and revive our inner stillness so that the guiding force of light may enter the temple of our heart. We must restore our fullest capacity to listen….therein the attunement can occur.

Listening in resonant innocence to every subtle nuance and inflection as each gesture and issuance of Love’s radiant voice sings the song of our calling home.

How can we personally and collectively tune our consciousness to listen?

Calming the heart...with Forgiveness. Forgiveness, for forgetting the precious and auspicious nature of presence abiding in our whole entirety.

That love is always available through grace reaching out to our loss. There is never a moment lost. All is gifted and returned to the atoning soul. We only have to stand in our brilliance reach deep into the silence and thank eternally the stillness that is at the core of everything.

Benevolence recompenses the pain of separation by returning and attuning us to the continual renewal of playful curiosity inherent in an all Loving embrace.

Invite what is most obstinate, most oppressive, most anguished, most embattled, and most resistant to sit at the fires of renewal without asking for anything in return….no demands made. simply an invitation to sit and gaze into the fires of creation.

Let the warmth of Love’s eternal hand guide the breath of abiding presence to melt the fortifications of fear.

Let your breath be stilled by the presence of eternal quiet and gentle pervading calm. The heart informs all presence with the wisdom of being…

We cannot know until we don’t know anything but Love. When we speak of the heart… we mean the core inherent oneness that is available when we truly allow ourselves to reside and abide in the wisdom of all being.

The place where home is the deepest feeling of togetherness and peace beyond the spoken phrases that mask the truth of true intactness and holiness. Where our breath is master guide to our higher nature and the servant of deepest awareness. This is the heart of all hearts and where we derive from and return to in every awakened moment of being.

The home of a peaceful being is the enlightened temple of the guardian of our souls promise… to be ever-present and ever-loving in ever-lasting emptiness to all truth except the one noble truth that can never be spoken. Herein you are centered this is your heart!

Calming the mind…with Beauty The harmony and perfection of each moment following the next without any awareness of how they came together for our mind/consciousness to quietly reflect. We can see the truth only by allowing the deepest felt-sense of harmonic beauty and wonder to arise and be centered in the heart therein our vision is restored to the utmost mystery in the emptiness of all presence abiding in its essential nature. There is a natural intactness and incorruptible wholeness that is found in our rhythmic joy swaying to and fro to the spinning codes of awareness… intrinsic simplicity within the complete harmonic layering of each dimension dancing alongside the next. It is in our reflexive wondering and gazing in awe that the veil lifts and appearances drop…what we think to be true releases the illusion and what reveals itself in the true mystery of truth flickers in the consciousness like sunlit diamonds on watery waves. The unspoken utterances of the traces of truth left behind by the gazing light pouring back within us.

Merging Into One: We move beyond veil of all dimensions, of all archetypes… no more reference points needed angels and demons, gods / goddesses and demi-gods, ascended masters and gurus saints and sinners beggars and billionaires all dissolve and melt and come into the heart of all. The pantheon of being is a theater of creation for us to dwell in until we realize there is no greater cause than cause itself. We dissolve into the primordial essence beyond the word of Law and Creation, beyond the primordial presence of the ooze of awareness. Inception issuing inception, intactness uttering songs of completed embodiment's, a continual thread of continuing calm…reflecting all being in all beings. The impulse awakens the opening into the intrinsic beauty that is held in all possibility, in all probabilities, in all that is the all. Therein we rest and abide floating in an endless oceanic unfolding of harmonies within harmonic perfection. Untold vastness of essence and total complete focus at once. There is an untold wealth of the treasury of spiritual light in this… it comes through the listening heart…. it is in us all awaiting our attention… it asks nothing in return…. it give everything to us…. all of our striving and struggling ends… all of our searching and longing dissolves and melts… it feeds us and nurtures us with total awareness and presence… it provides all of our needs with deep abiding care….

Finally we are lifted out of separation to a permanent space of embodied immanence that is filled with radiant grace. This is the Gift offered to us all… This is the gift flowing through this transmission… This is the Gift of Wonder and Awe we welcome into our hearts… This is the gift I offer to you now. Blessings of Blissings, KA’ryna SH’ha I AM GrandMother AH’LU Sha’Mah

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