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Transmission # 35 GrandMother Speaks… “The Calling Beyond Proof”

As I sit here after weeks of deep diving and deeper despair undergoing another “Bright Dark Night of the Soul”, I realize there is some-thing that is “Calling” us through. Not a despair of heaviness and loss, but an inner cry from realization of the remembering. I chose this all. I chose to land and be here and to remain until something is complete. The Calling beyond Proof….A knowing beyond this little assemblage of cells in a body, that impels and prompts me to extend inwardly and expand transcendentally. Unto the true source of my Calling…I Declare this. (Inviting the collective too) I willingly release the nameless doubt and fear that has tightly bound my true nature…remaining centered and aware that whatever is an artifice of my desires, a fabrication of my limited mind will naturally fade and fall carelessly into the arms of exquisite truth. Oh to you, this calling at my core. You who haunts me and taunts me with whispers of radiant glowing beauty…instigating the wild-fires of my will to rise up and purify my hidden agendas, my lame excuses and the hesitation of lifetimes of service.

Rise up and be here Now! You, this burning quaking “Calling” that ignites my heart to care beyond reason and reason beyond care…I have sacramentally sacrificed my dignity, my carefully crafted façade to your fires of absolution. I forgive myself for the ignorance of my attempts to push and prod the immovable force of my truest nature….creating unnecessary friction and resistance to the natural grace of my intelligent essence.

Oh dear heart of my calling, I yield to you with an innocence so open and wise that miracles fall as wishes of intent, already fully formed, already arrived, already ever-present and completely here.

Through the loving gaze of the masterful witness within I am held. Through the tenderness of my heart and the openness of my soul I flow, as pure clear teardrops from a newly born child. This gift I carry the arousal of my heart’s presence I will answer it now more fully and fluidly rise.

Let what comes come and let it be as it is. Let what cannot be said be shown. Let what cannot be shown be silently realized in the heart of every being willing to listen and be stilled by the radiant warmth of Love.

GrandMother Speaks…Now to this, We Answer the Answer of the Calling in You. First thing I’m gonna say is this…. “Don’t go against your own true nature. It’s only going to backfire on you. You’ll set yourself up for a lifetime of needless struggle.” That feeling when truth rises into your heart from your gut, instinctual and real then comes to the doorway of the heart. The heart then sees what is being felt and it transmits in a language called intuition. Then it travels up into the imagination where it hits the 3rd eye with its light and in a flash it comes into a moment of ahha “creation and creativity” joining together. Then it turns into a “knowing feeling”; all the while the thought is behind the screen of the consciousness witnessing it all. And then silence emerges where it rises into a memory of a knowing that is transcendent union with the spirit of the feeling thought.

Then it flows back down heating everything up, down it goes through all of the chakras until lands in the base, where the spine lights up sparked with a powerful surge of awareness and awakening. Finally rising back up to the top again before it flows down and trickles into the throat where it emerges as language, our words carrying the vapor of the experience….all this done in a matter of a few split seconds. Sometimes it’s savoured and a longer process, but humans like to talk more than they like to really deeply feel and think. If you can become one with the feeling of your true nature, the true gift of your being you will answer the calling of your heart’s truth. The time to answer the Calling is Now…. When the time comes for your fullest embodiment to shine and the Calling of your Heart’s wisdom to be answered, you will know what to do….together we have been preparing a long time for this moment of full awareness and awakening. We will rise and ascend together with the message that is released. Even if you don’t fully comprehend or understand the mechanics of the Rise….when the time comes for the flight into the Light of all Being your faith and trust in the Divine Workings will guide you. It’s already built into you. It is time activated and will be opened and released when called upon. We cannot push the flow we can only yield to its truth. Every-thing will arrive as it is needed, just when it is needed…all for greatest good. Remind yourself there is nothing to Forgive… Even as you are forgiving yourself for not knowing what you realize now. It’s time to dissolve, melt and disintegrate that tired and worn out program of unworthiness….feeling like you did something wrong.

Allow the shame and blame, the guilt and judgement of not doing enough, not being enough…BE Enough Already! If the lens of your self-concept and self-awareness is turned outward then all you will be seeking is approval and validation. If you live your life to be popular and by the opinions of others….eventually you will grow empty, insecure and hungry starving for attention. What if you stopped competing with others and started co-creating with the source of your true nature? Are you still striving for impossible perfection, other people’s dreams and ideals? Instead of happiness and success, what if you allowed yourself fulfilment and authenticity? Which would you choose to be...A worrier or worthier? Misery or Mastery? Hard Work or Heart Worth? Give yourself the gift of pure Love, With Self-Compassion, Loving-Kindness Wisdom and Deep Witnessing in Presence.

And give that gift to others by simply being real, the real unvarnished you. The ones that embrace the real you will be the ones you’ll want to embrace!

So Just Breathe and Be… There are things you cannot know right now….all that you can do is train yourself to breathe with Love and walk with Grace. With each step and with each breathe offered consciously and considerately the new foundation forms beneath you. Breathe in the vapor of confidence in the Calling that seeds the dreams of your life.

Assuredly and surely this breath will purify your external demands and bring you inward to the light of each moment lived in graceful awareness…let the trying die and reverence for all that you are arise! There are things forming now beneath the surface of your awareness; in the farthest reaches of your Presence, that will arrive when the time comes. Just continue to flow and be in the present within the presence and all will be revealed.

Gaze Inward and Feel Truth… Your task is to look inward beyond the limitations of your surroundings and peer beyond and between the circumstances of life to feel the whole. Feeling truth is seeing inwardly….but how? Allow the calming rhythm of your orgasmic rhythmic playful self to joyously renounce the blame of shame and dance in the delight of…Beauty Beyond All Pronouncements of Beauty to source of the coursing waves of Being.

Smile and breathe in the Cosmic Child that is at the core of all Presence and Unbounded Beauty and Delight. Be who you really are, let yourself be seen and known. The Cosmic Child is never afraid to let go and twirl and swirl with the source of its creation. Cease all Seeking…hide not and hinder no-thing from allowing your true nature to shine. My beloved one your anxious seeking becomes the suffering of your true Calling. It weighs you down and burdens the gift meant to open gently and innocently. With the expansion of your radiant deep-felt heart, everything you once sought will come to you. It is simply waiting for you to calm yourself so that you will hear the tone of its intelligent voice. This is your birthright.

Until you are in the right heart-space you will not be able to hear the voice of true calling. Come to the Earth and Praise in prayer, reach inward and feel the peace that passes kindness to all beloved beings. In the flowing magnitudes of immaculate presence the wonders of nature in all its glorious splendor offers a pure backdrop for the gentle swaying and swirling of your consciousness at play. Make time to be on the earth cradling yourself and attuning your heart to the circadian rhythms of the Universal Mother Substance. Do this regularly and reverently. Come to the cathedrals of her forests enveloping you, to the choirs of her ocean waves crashing upon you, to the temples of her mountains standing tall before you, to the monuments of her valleys, meadows, streams and deserts vibrating your body of wisdom…. let your whole essence gaze into the quiet resilience of her spaces and places of wonder and spirit.

Rest and Be In the Glorious Nature of You… You are all that you could ever be….there is nothing that can be added or taken away that would ever make you more whole than you already are. Uncover the truth that is already there just beyond the belief of perception.

Acknowledge the Gift of who truly are …Already. All Ready To Go….All Ready To Be….All Ready In You!

These things and more will be given to you….when you truly rest in the ease of each unfolding moment of Life. There will come a time in your life where this will occur naturally and everything that has lead up to it will have been a dress rehearsal for the moment of truth to reveal itself….until then just be present to what is available in each moment of unfolding beauty arriving. Your Breath is the Key, your Heart is the Gateway and your Attitude of Welcoming it in with Grace will Open it All.

Many, Many Blessings Dear Ones,

I AM KA'ryna SH'ha

GrandMother AH'LU'SHa'Mah

("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being")


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