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9th Transmission GrandMother Speaks...Revelations in Her Teachings.

I cannot even put into words how wondrous, beautiful and intense this message is from GrandMother today...

GrandMother Speaks...Revelations in Her Teachings.

1. Acknowledge the gift of who you truly–“Awaken your Heart”….Bless it!

* Feel that which rises and descends into your being.

Touch your heart and gently enfold yourself with Golden Praise.

Feel the greater parts of you held in deeper and higher dimensions.

Admit and allow the holy presence to gaze and admire the grace of your gifts.

it is simple to be ...just breathe! Open your entirety to the essential nature that fills your heart with illumined inspiration.

Say: “I AM Here For You…You are seen. I recognize you here.”

2. Open up and look inside the gift -“Align your Being”….Embrace it!

* Allow yourself to feel the beauty and presence greeting you.

Breathe in and out with gentle loving calm.

Empty out all of your concerns and become present in this moment.

Let the body come to rest and be at Peace.

You already are everything you search for, long to be and hope to accomplish...un-tether the unfettered brilliance of your wise intuitive mind. Let the guiding light of all sages carry you to the comforting arms of the Mother Peace of Love.

Say: “I AM With You…You are Honored and Appreciated. I hold you near.”

3. Listen to the message that comes through the opening-“Activate your Gifts”….Witness it!

* Go deeply in the calming presence at the core of your heart and abide in readiness to receive.

Whatever arises, be they tears, sounds, body movements, images, words, thoughts feelings let them come to the surface and subside.

Let the quaking and the shaking unfurl the body electric.

Feel the twirling swirling undulating nature of your rhythmic body rising with the coiled presence of all divine union.

As the wheels of creation merge and rise to form the rainbow body of light....the diamond body of divine mind...the golden heart of the gifts of grace!

Vibroacoustic subatomic quanta oscillating the perfected frequency for the most optimal homeopathic remedy to match you with your divine essence.

When everything within is clear you will be prepared to fully accept the wonder of your eternal flaming nature.

Say: “I AM Within You…You are valued always in all ways. I honor you dear.”

4. Discover the lesson contained in each message- “Adjust your Awareness”…Welcome It!

* Stand in the flowing essence of your truest nature, lie down in the calm still waters of your purest heart, be bathed and saturated in the Grace of the everlasting wonder in each moment.

And Breathe…just follow the flow of your breath and breathe eternally and effortlessly. Let the living essence in every breath guide your fullest fruition of the deepest and purest intuition.

Come into silence and stillness. for the masters arrive to greet you with a message that signals the call of the opening into the Gateway of No Reply.

The mysteries of the deep vast unspoken cause gives forth a dispensation of your Divine Purpose. A vapor emitted by the holy word made flesh, reveals our immanent and luminous essence.

Unveiling the simple and plain elegance of our inherent nature.

We no longer need to strive for something we already are... every-thing is as it has always been.

The vessel of the divine mind of Source Eternal is awaiting your command. The Empyrean flame glows as the embers of your remembering warm the waking all lifelines and lifetimes are resolved in the breath of origination.

Each inception point lines up to the next in a constellation of tessellations. Patterning the geometric awareness of God's voice-print of creation.

Time and space are released from the hold of all mind as your heart is upheld in harmony with the spheres of all holy Grace.

Say: “I AM All You…You are sovereign and complete. I liberate your fear.”

5. Uncover and actualize the Truth contained within-“Arise in your Living Light”…Embody it!

* Every manner of providential outcome will appear when you commit to living the truth.

Embody each answer to each message of truth with the actions of your gestures.

Risk boldly, rise swiftly and renew your bond with the eternal forces that guide all life.

Let kindness, confidence and compassion be the ever-bearing tree of your existence.

Leave negation and emptiness in the hands of the divine beloved within to transmute your tender newness into the sweetest gift of all...

Your Eternal and Everlasting Mastery of the Elements.

Celebrate, dance and create with confidence in the sublime knowledge that the power of Love is unshakable faith…

Faith as the gift of things unseen, yet born, and readied by our command...the evidence of things come to life and made manifest in essence as they truly are.

Say: “I AM Everything…You are whole, wholly one and holy. You are free.”

6. Be all that you are-“Arrive Home”…Emanate It!

* You have come to the place where you have always resided and now know it for the very first time.

All of the journeys and pathways fade as you realize there is nowhere to go and nothing to do but stand in the glory and praise of all benevolent ways.

Now it is time to share the gifts of your spiritual being the gift that radiates wordless and unspoken Presence.

You are ready to serve by dispersing and dispensing the light of your masterful heart in all dimensions of consciousness.

Gaze into the conditions caused by all manner of suffering and see the original cause...witness with eyes filled in the radiant inviolable openness of the child of all Souls.

Feel the purified innocent seed that emancipated and imagined all existence.

Your growth and maturation is assured as you have come to the space where no space or time exists…but all outcomes appear…as the fullest potentialities reveal the central cosmic decree.

The hidden path revealed, the middle way unfolding, the christed light surrounding everything, the madonna's womb of creation dilating.

God and Goddess harmonized in the centripedal waveform within the centrifugal vacuum force of the ever-spiraling ever-radiating Light of all Being.

Your human body becoming a vehicle of Light, woven of the spiritual treasury of heavenly harmonies and given as the Garment of Divine Love. A cloak of golden glistening threads of enlightenment, woven by the high holy heart to transfigure and transcend all dimensions, all space, all time and all knowing.

Say: “I AM That I AM…I Am One Within the Many and the Many Within the One. We are Glorious.”

7. Transmit your Light –“Ascend In Love”….Light it Up Now!

What meaning could pass through these lips are pale in comparison to anything more that can be said….for the deep felt sense of Being beyond all Being…Life beyond all Living, Thought beyond all Thoughts will give you all that can be offered.

Just close your eyes now for a direct message given, a direct transmission offered as a direct line of lineages throughout the ages and eons is passed on to your tender heart and into your ever-present mind.

For mind and heart are one, have never been separate, have always been in harmony and have always brought you to this moment of complete reckoning of

The exquisite,


immutable nature

Of your Purest most

Primordial Presence…

No words pass through these lips …only vibrations on the tongue and within the heart-flame of inherent truth. Sound, Sigh and Breathe, as you Abide and are Instilled in the Wisdom of All That Is.


Dearest Ones, GrandMother asks...

Are we ready to acknowledge the Gift of who we truly are?

Are we ready to receive and give of our gifts?

Are we ready to activate the highest and deepest presence of our being?

Are we ready to actualize the vehicle of all being?

Are we ready to take command of the vehicle of all presence?

Many, Many Blessings Dear Ones,

I AM KA'ryna SH'ha

GrandMother AH'LU'SHa'Mah

("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being")


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