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24) GrandMother Speaks….“The Emergence of The Galactic Butterfly”

We come to you today to share with you the good news of the day….the weaving of the new form is almost complete. The structure of the cellular quickening for your emergence is done. Now is the time for the delivery of the consciousness. We are already over the halfway mark…75% done. The last 25% is the most dangerous. It requires care and love to be delivered. This is where the consciousness of the old ways melt down, and are rendered and returned to the source of which they derive from. The new consciousness codes cannot enter until the old ones are reunited with the origins of their maker. This entire emergence is stored in dormancy in all of life. 90% of your potential is awaiting its time of return.

Your cognition of self-separation is completing in a Divine Defrag of your souls essence.... In this process parts of your being dwelling in different timelines and dimensions of consciousness are brought together into one location. This provides the speeding up of your Presence and the maximization of potentiality, for the fullest capacity of absorption of Light, therein allowing our inherent divine coding’s to emerge. Consciousness is likened to a non-linear computational software, shareware that allows for multiplicity of cohesion's to exist simultaneously in infinite dimensions of awareness. Matter forms when conscious slows down to a rate where it flows into the plane of being and existence. At this point in the evolutionary spiral, you have been dwelling in the descent into matter and form, density and solidity have been your practice. The slowing down of frequencies to descend into a form is the gift we all asked to receive. We were curious to know what it would be like to walk in bodies and dance in dream worlds. From this experience in corporeal existence we have grown the understanding of how to operate a physical vehicle to house the spiritual vibratory instrument of creation. The parameters of this awareness will be added to the storehouses of the knowledge of our Omnipresence. From time and space we have discovered the spaciousness of being….the all-encompassing one.

Your indigenous elders, the soul bearers and sacred wisdom keepers of the ancient primordial pathways have always known this and chose to stay in union (as best as they could). This has not been an easy task…simple but not easy. They have dedicated their life, their worlds, and their knowing to ceremonies of life giving spiritual connectivity. They never left the Galactic Butterfly. They were and shall remain in communion. They have kept the secrets of the cosmos intact…. And now we return to the Primordial Presence once again as we come to the great Winged Harbinger of Transformation within ourselves. The Galactic Butterfly is soaring through our life-blood. The rivers of our veins are flooded with the Heart-Beat song of the ancient calling of our return and ascent in Wholeness and Holiness.

With its (The Winged Harbinger) return to our awareness we grow more sovereign and sentient, sensitively attuned to the inner dimensions of our being. We begin the process of Metamorphosis. The transfiguration, transmutation, transformation of our beings and bodies of matter (Slow vibratory frequency oscillation) to spiritual vehicles (fast vibratory frequency oscillation) begins. Through an increase in "super-luminal" (vibrating at a rate-faster than the speed of light) or spiritual light we begin our full ascent. This process may take many generations/iterations for this to occur until the time of our fullest embodiment is ready.

The Galactic Butterfly is now awakening en-masse in us all. Some will appreciate the change and be glad to rise out of density. Others will not and fight its eventual return. All will grow through this. Some will attain the fullest expression of this. Others will grow accordingly to tenets and delineations of their soul. All will emerge into the Galactic Butterfly state eventually and discover many truths long-held.

We are not here to say how this will be and what it will look like. We are only here to bring the good news of the day.


Ways and Practices To Enhance the Absorption and Emergence: Spend as much time as possible in nature or natural settings.

Forgive all and let grow the heart of Love. Make love with your beloved, building harmony and connection in sacred time alone.

Create a garden filled with all types of flowers, vegetables, trees, flora and fauna. Put your hands into the earth. Bathe yourself in the elements, both metaphorically and physically. Walk, dance, dream, and breathe deeply and delightfully. Spend time with children and the young at heart.

Create: paint, sculpt, write, and make music, whatever inspires your light.

Share sacred time together with others of like-heart. Follow your heart, clear your mind and develop practices that cultivate awe and wonder. Travel to sacred spots and soak up the radiance in each location.


Many, Many Blessings Dear Ones,

I AM KA'ryna SH'ha

GrandMother AH'LU'SHa'Mah ("she who is at one with all universes in song, prayer and being")

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