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We are all innocent and clear at heart…

We are all innocent and clear at heart…it takes a courageous soul to acknowledge the gift of being.

There is no escape from the unspoken truth of Love.

The feeling of lightness and freedom that is always ever-present and unchanging is the eternal gift awaiting our knock upon the door of Gratitude and Appreciation for being fully available and accountable in each moment of Grace.

Allow your whole being to breathe and relax deeply into Love…Eternal Presence and remember the Power that is the Gift awaiting your full participation and acknowledgment.

Harmonize and Breathe.

Let your body be stilled and instilled with Light.

Let the great unknown of the great becoming infuse and perfume your entire cosmos of awareness.

Let the Love pour in and your embodiment arise.

Let your body sway to and fro. Let the shaking and quaking rhythm of Love imbibe and imbue your whole entirety.

Hold nothing back…let the innocence return and awakening remain.

You are here to glorify the name and nature of “All That Is”… to glow and glisten in the golden wisdom of “All the Ages”.

You are Sovereign in the noble nature of being….not by any need, not by any doing but by simply breathing in the breath of eternity.

You are Noble in the wisdom of the divine awareness of being…not by any deed but by the very fact that you are awake and aware of the flow of creation moving through your vessel and vehicle.

Your body is the embodiment of this fact… your every thought-feeling is making a decision towards or away from this truth.

You are Divine will in action… through being aware and awake to all things that are made manifest through your direct contact and effect upon the whole.You are the microcosm within the macrocosm.

There is no other greater reward…no other greater truth…only unspoken and deeply felt.

KA'ryna SH'ha

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