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22) GrandMother Speaks… “The Bridge of Eternity”

GrandMother Speaks… “The Bridge of Eternity”

As the little child speaks, the master listens witnessing the call of the Heart. Speaking softly and gently to the immaculate wisdom of the pure heart the master says…

”It is simple my child yet not always easy to discern. Eventually you will find your way home. That is why you came here. You seek the way home. First you look all around you for clues and when they are naught, you become disillusioned. Then you look to others for answers but they only confuse you more. Then you look up to the heavens pleading for mercy; but all is silent, and you grow more and more weary. Then you stop looking and give up and let go of everything asking only one thing “show me the way”. Then all of the tears and fears of being alone come to the surface and you are finally emptied out. Something inside of you begins to rise up and grow, you feel love and loved all at once. With this love you come to know a silent truth that can never spoken. With this gift, finally you realize the way Home is within…”

The master smiles gently as the little child dances. The little child whispers in the ear of the Master, “The Bridge of Eternity”. Here are the Words Spoken from the little one of Eternity…use them as you would. “Today I cross the bridge of Eternity and become it… Today I fully Acknowledge The Gift of who I truly am… Today I take back my Power Of Consecration from external points of affirmation and return it to its rightful place within … Today I ignite the Light Of Truth within me…. Today I reenergise my focus inward opening The Spotlight Of Source Divine on the foundations and fundamentals of love, Today I attune my heart with Love and to the Peace Of Grace.

Right Now in this Moment of All… * I AM a Bridge to Eternity. * I AM the Gift of who I truly Am. * I AM a Power Of Consecration. * I AM the Light of Truth. * I AM a Spotlight Of Source Divine. * I AM the Peace Of Grace through Love. Right Now in this Moment of All, I AM That I AM”

I AM KA’ryna SH’ha GrandMother AH’LU’Sha’Mah

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