9th Transmission GrandMother Speaks...Revelations in Her Teachings.

October 3, 2017

I cannot even put into words how wondrous, beautiful and intense this message is from GrandMother today...

GrandMother Speaks...Revelations in Her Teachings.

1. Acknowledge the gift of who you truly–“Awaken your Heart”….Bless it!


* Feel that which rises and descends into your being.

Touch your heart and gently enfold yourself with Golden Praise.

Feel the greater parts of you held in deeper and higher dimensions.

Admit and allow the holy presence to gaze and admire the grace of your gifts.

it is simple to be ...just breathe! Open your entirety to the essential nature that fills your heart with illumined inspiration.


Say: “I AM Here For You…You are seen. I recognize you here.”